Loyalty Program Software Comparisons

BY Lucy Fang
Jan 19, 2017
Channel Sales Strategy, Incentive Program, Reward Management, VISA Prepaid Reward Cards, Reward Mix, Loyalty Platform, Software Comparison

There sits your sales team.  They’re on the phone or in front of a customer, ready to land that big deal. You rely on these people to play an integral role in bringing your products and services to market through a dealer network.  But how much does your team know about current offers on the products and services they sell?  How do you move special offers through your partner channel to satisfy the objectives of key stakeholders and still rouse your sales team and dealer network? To start with, recognize this is a challenge for any sales channel strategy plan.  A channel sales strategy should energize loyalty engagement to spur a business drive to change behavior or, if nothing else, manage them in a specific course of action from educating your partner network about your products and services to helping your sales team close more deals, with you all the while managing the results is real-time.  Then again, the loyalty program additionally needs to fit inside a company’s financial constraints and not cause costs that counterbalances the advantage of the channel sales incentive program.  A key question for you to consider when developing your strategy is what type of a solution will you use to employ to achieve your goals?

When first approaching what solution can best support the channel sales loyalty program you have in mind, you would do well not to reinvent the wheel, committing errors that others before you have effectively made, but instead find a company that specializes in these solutions – and has delivered excellent results.

A loyalty program can be as simple as providing intermittent reward deployment to your sales team, resulting in sporadic lifts in sales. When companies empower their workforces through loyalty programs, it opens up lines of communication between channel partners, departments and peers.  Furthermore, offering the most desirable trending incentive rewards for recognition as part of the program is an effective motivator that inspires employees to continue striving for greatness.

If you’d like to move beyond simple sales promotions programs and look into a full loyalty solution that encompasses internal sales and external partner recognition then there are a few aspects you will want to consider.  With a channel sales reward management platform program you will be able to:

  • Centralize partner SPIFs, incentives, communication, statements, and reporting
  • Create, launch, and manage campaigns in real-time
  • Deliver relevant, personalized programming
  • Automate validation and incentive payments
  • Monitor and manage multi-lingual programming

A full platform sales channel strategy has many advantages and implementing a white label solution and can help you with not just your sales team but will ensure that you can simultaneously support scalable multiple reward and incentive programs across the board with the click of a mouse.   A reward mix that includes VISA prepaid reward cards, gift cards, digital rewards, merchandise and travel.  A great loyalty programming organization will direct you with the goal to not miss out on assets and ability in the particular space where you require an engaged arrangement or back off your opportunity to showcase, as you attempt to investigate and increment your expectation to learn and adapt outside your center competency. There’s no compelling reason to spend an excess of cash creating devices and arrangements that as of now exist in different organizations.                          

All Digital Rewards (ADR) offers all the above and more for your sales channel strategy needs and incentive program administration. ADR’s SaaS ChannelSTACK™ offers a real-time automated loyalty platform that is easy to integrate with most existing internal CRM solutions. With ChannelSTACK™ we set the control back in your grasp with instant access to more than 100,000 one-of-a-kind incentive awards, prizes, email delivery, and reporting and analytics in a simple easy-to-use dashboard. Our partner management platform will manage even the most difficult challenges you face when deploying and managing your channel sales initiatives.