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This type of sales promotion is a sales incentive scheme to promote a company’s products or services to a consumer at the actual time of sale. The objective is to create urgency for a consumer to purchase “today” by offering a carefully selected incentive at the same time. By offing an incentive at the time of making the buying decision, it helps create urgency and build value to the purchase enticing them to swipe their credit card today.

Most of us have been motivated to buy something on impulse. A somewhat emotional unplanned driven purchase we may or may not have regretted. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Research has shown that up to 66% of purchase decisions are made in the store (online too) while shopping. Of that, 53% are considered impulse buying.

The objective is to combine the right sales incentive with the right product or service to give a company a substantial lift in their ROI. And that’s just what the experts at All Digital Rewards will do for you.

All Digital Rewards extensive offerings of rewards and incentives supported by our proprietary SaaS STACK™ solutions provide clients with a true turnkey reward management solution to fit small and large-scale reward incentive programs.

Call the team at All Digital Rewards to schedule and a DEMO and we’ll show you how easy to is to design, deployed and manage a point of sale incentive promotions program.

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