Rewards WIZARD™ API Integration

Change the Way you Engage

The Reward WIZARD™ API is a game-changer for reward program management. Integrating with our API allows you to easily connect to your company’s programs and software through one reward API point of contact, providing instantaneous delivery of personalized and customized rewards to your customers and employees.

But that’s not all – the Reward WIZARD™ API allows you to send physical and virtual prepaid cards and gift cards on demand and have 24/7 access to ADR’s top-brand reward catalog. Now you have the flexibility to find the perfect rewards to offer your customers and employees, all while utilizing the power of the reward API.

Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

We take the guesswork out of running a digital rewards program and help you launch new campaigns faster. We are able to handle every aspect of the program management and vendor integrations through our Rewards WIZARD™ API. Clients get instant access to our exhaustive rewards program catalog, saving countless hours on sourcing, managing, and renewing partnerships with vendors.

All Digital Rewards is integrated with 1,000 brands and counting, keeping our client’s consumer base engaged with an ever-expanding array of rewards. We provide all the technology you need to plan, launch and manage your rewards program and gain access to real-time statistics that can help you improve performance and make smarter decisions about your business. Call or fill out the form today to talk to a rewards expert.