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All Digital Rewards (ADR) provides a fully customized web-based solution, ResearchSTACK™. It is a turn-key panel engagement reward management platform utilizing ADR’s various microservices that will provide much-needed data insights in support of research programs. The platform can provide a nested and roll-up view of multiple panels and research projects’ incentive payouts (gift cards, merchandise, digital rewards, checks, and prepaid card issuance), while simultaneously utilizing: PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems assisted by advanced reporting, analytics rewards for reward incentive redemption, sweepstake prize fulfillment with single-point integration, for small to large panel incentive programs.

Traditionally, when implementing promotions, you expect to run into snags along the way. From finding an offering that is valuable and will cater to a large, diverse target audience to managing complex shipping and distribution logistics, factoring in heavy delivery costs, and navigating import timelines and regulations. And of course, the larger the program, the more these challenges are magnified.

As a result, many of our market research clients choose to take advantage of our vast selection of digital rewards with simplified redemption. Digital Rewards are the easiest way to deliver real-world products in a digital form. The simplicity of reward code-based promotions can solve many logistical issues and are ideal for market research. To redeem their reward, recipients will follow the instructions located on their reward card, product or online. We have the technology and resources to make rewarding your participants stress-free and mutually satisfying, giving you the kind of loyal quality engagement you’re looking for.


  • Seamless experience 
  • Engaging & Extensive Reward Offerings 
  • Technology to issue incentive payments 
  • Real-time payment processing 
  • Relevant supporting technology 
  • Dynamic Architecture 
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting 
  • Eco-System Integration 
  • PCI Compliant Security 
  • Agile API

All Digital Rewards reward management modules, SaaS with STACK, support panel recruitment, retention, referral, and loyalty engagement marketing initiatives, create an easy and convenient way for your organization to reward participants for participating in your surveys. You can choose RewardSTACK™, our turnkey reward management solution that includes a full-scaled points-based loyalty program where all the STACK modules are rolled up into one dynamic platform, or you can deploy the GameSTACK™ or RewardSTACK™ EZE Redemptions applications independent of the platform for the perfect solution to support smaller-scale game promotions and incentive reward payment deployment. Whatever your panel incentive program needs, we have a solution for you!

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Panelists earn points for qualifying activities and exchange points at a branded points-based marketplace.


Rewards can be delivered by bulk file upload or via a code directing panelists to a reward redemption site for incentive issuance