Loyalty Reward Card Program Management Software Comparisons

BY Lucy Fang
Jan 12, 2017
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When one thinks about loyalty in the business world, the chances are high that a customer loyalty reward card or incentive program comes to mind.  Furthermore, it’s usually delivered through a points-based system in which customers can receive points in exchange for spending their time taking surveys, meeting sales goals, buying products and a myriad of other reasons.  These points act as a virtual currency that can be redeemed for Digital rewards, VISA prepaid reward cards, gift cards, travel and merchandise usually after a certain predetermined behavioral objective has been reached.

When researching and making loyalty card program comparisons, one can quickly realize that this market is rapidly changing.   A comparison of what different companies offer can help narrow the field to know what is the best and the process starts with understanding the intricacies of the methodology used in the loyalty program software.  For instance, is it better to have a pin for a virtual prepaid debit card or a physical prepaid reward card?  Also, what is the software being used and how can you implement into your current system or should you start with a whole new software approach?

While online interactions are driving many of the new strategies in customer loyalty software, the best and leading programs will offer businesses omnichannel capabilities. This means that you should be able to access loyalty rewards and features through three main channels: online, mobile, and in-store. Omni-channel ability to do things is important because even though customer expectations have increased for online interactions, they have not lessened their in-store expectations. All Digital Rewards’ (ADR) loyalty program management software, SaaS with STACK™, allows the setup of customized levels of access as well as rules and limits that are related to each level.  Members can earn base points each time they complete the actions needed/demanded, with the option of custom bonuses, referrals, exchanges, and layouts that are chosen by the client. Also, featured is a point-calculation engine, the ability to control point expiration, redemption abilities, with advanced layers of security.

For shoppers not looking for a custom loyalty software build and to minimize an initial investment into a loyalty brand management or reward management system might want to inquire whether or not the potential loyalty platform provider has out of the box platforms  that can easily plug their existing system.  ADR’s “Out of the Box” reward management platforms do a great job at addressing the specific needs of the industries the system serves.   ResearchSTACk serves Market Research, ChannelSTACK sales incentives and partner incentive downlines and LoyaltySTACK can manage even the most difficult loyalty incentive program.

All Digital Reward’ administration programming, RewardSTACK™, offers a robotized simple-to-use satisfaction arrangement that incorporates our restrictive Reward REACH™ and Reward WIZARD™ API innovations. Also, RewardSTACK™ incorporates ADR’s contact center module, which empowers the customer to have coordinate correspondences with their reward and motivation program respondents, streamlining client benefit forms and giving practical record administration. Regardless of whether you are awarding five clients or 95,000 we set the control back in your customer’s hands with moment access to more than 100,000 one of a kind prizes, including reloadable prepaid cards, personalized gift cards, and employee recognition gifts.

Whether you are going to use a physical reward or and electronic reward there is excellent functionality to both. Examining each will empower organizations to increase more unique knowledge into the purchasing conduct of your clients – you can then cross reference with statistical information to create client profiles and better focus your marketing. Of course, the sort of information you assemble will differ upon which reward system you choose.

For example, online programming will catch information on how clients act when they’re on your website, when they say your image via web-based networking media, and when they make a buy. Card-based frameworks assemble a smaller arrangement of information, e.g., for the most part purchasing conduct and socioeconomics. However, ADR can help you to accumulate information through our real-time analytics & reporting.

Measuring the adequacy and reliability has truly been restricted to an incremental model, i.e., clients get prizes or motivations, and an association holds up to see who reacts over a specific timeframe. Getting immediate access from your loyalty program permits you to find what is working (or not working) and encourages change with quantifiable information in a proactive technique instead of a receptive strategy. This builds your ROI essentially while in the meantime expanding your wallet keep, maintenance, and driving your cost down.

All Digital Rewards (ADR) is a leading technology company specializing in customer loyalty and promotions, program development, design, and implementation.  ADR has an extensive offering of incentives and rewards, including Visa® Prepaid Card products, gift cards, merchandise, and digital rewards. Our reward program management software solutions, SaaS with STACK®,  utilize various microservices that provide single point integration, PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems, and reporting & analytics. ADR is tied to your success, so we are not successful unless you are. You have a partner from beginning to end when working with All Digital Rewards.