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Enhance your incentive programs with the power of automation. All Digital Rewards introduces several seamless integrations, like Zapier, enabling you to automate your reward and incentive distributions effortlessly. This is perfect for businesses looking to improve efficiency and engagement without complicating their existing workflows. Connect your next incentive program to our top gift card options.

  • Reward customers and employees with Top Gift Card brands, including Target, Starbucks, and Amazon.
  • Trusted by countless organizations to send cards with a No Code gift card solution.
  • Offering a Volume Solution with our secure Gift Card API, file upload, and integrated connector options.
  • Provide Easy Integrations with existing systems & services like Zapier

Send rewards with a Seamless SMS & Email delivery

Connect with Zapier and Automate Rewards with All Digital Rewards

Automation is not just a convenience; it’s a strategy to enhance engagement and streamline operations. Our Zapier integration allows you to connect your existing applications with our reward solutions, triggering instant incentives based on specific actions or milestones that require an automated reward program.

Zapier and All Digital Rewards Zap Integration
  • Effortless scalability of large volumes of transactions.
  • Deliver rewards instantly upon achievement recognition.
  • Reduce human error and ensure precise reward delivery. 

How it Works – Process Simplified, Better Results

Integrating All Digital Rewards with Zapier is straightforward. Here’s how you can automate your reward system in just a few steps.


Link your existing systems with All Digital Rewards through Zapier.

Set Your Triggers

Define actions in your system that will trigger rewards.

Access Top Gift Cards

Choose from top brands.

Automate Rewards

Automatically send out rewards when triggers are activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Zapier to automate sending rewards with All Digital Rewards?

To begin using Zapier for automating your rewards, first, sign up for a Zapier account and log in. Connect your Zapier account to All Digital Rewards by selecting it from the Zapier app directory. You will need your All Digital Rewards API key to complete the connection. Once connected, you can create Zaps (automation) that trigger rewards based on specific actions from your linked applications.

What kind of triggers can I set up to send rewards automatically?

You can set up various triggers, such as completing a survey, achieving a sales milestone, renewing a subscription, or any other measurable action within your CRM or sales platform. Once these triggers are met, Zapier will automatically instruct All Digital Rewards to issue the appropriate reward to the intended recipient.

Can I customize the rewards that are sent out via Zapier?

All Digital Rewards offers a wide range of customizable reward options. You can choose the type of reward (e.g., gift cards, prepaid cards, merchandise), and the denomination, and even customize the branding to align with your company’s identity. These options can be configured within your All Digital Rewards account and applied through Zapier automation.

Is there a limit to the number of automation I can create with Zapier for sending rewards?

Zapier offers different plans, each with its own limits on the number of tasks (automation) you can run each month. However, there is no limit to the number of Zaps you can create. If you need to handle a higher volume of tasks, consider upgrading to a higher-tier plan to accommodate your needs.

What should I do if automation fails to send a reward?

If a Zap fails and a reward is not sent, check the Zap history in your Zapier dashboard to identify any errors. Common issues include connectivity problems, errors in data fields, or exceeded API rate limits. If the issue persists, contact All Digital Rewards’ support for assistance and troubleshooting. Ensuring your trigger conditions are correctly set and all required fields are accurately filled can help prevent most issues.

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We stand above our competitors with the largest selection of digital rewards, customizable options, and cutting-edge technology. With our advanced security and compliance measures, rest assured that your gift card process is in safe hands.

All Digital Rewards is HITRUST CSF Certified

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