Motivate Employees with Incentives to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellness incentive programs help motivate people to take responsibility for managing and improving their health. By motivating and sustaining behavior change, we help healthcare plans and companies, employers, and other healthcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our innovative incentive solutions are scalable, flexible, and customizable. They can be integrated into third-party partnerships, and existing health care portals, or operate externally to existing CRMs.

We will help you increase participation in a single program or activity by encouraging the creation of personal health profiles, health risk assessment, biometric screening, a flu vaccine, and or participants seeing their doctor annually.

Program Features

  • Seamless Experience
  • Best of Class Reward Portfolio
  • Reward in Real-time
  • Incentive Payout Processing
  • Integrated Issuance Technology
  • Validation and Quality Control
  • Dynamic Architecture
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting
  • Eco-System Integration
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliant Security
  • Agile API
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Reward and Incentive Offerings

Global Reward Portfolio

We are a best-in-class reward and incentive provider with a portfolio that includes
everything needed to payout or engage a participant and user. We have an extensive selection and the reward management software solutions to deliver them. We offer thousands of unique products in our premium merchandise, digital rewards, VISA prepaid cards, checks, wallets, brand name gift cards, experiential rewards and travel.

Reward Types:

– Gift Cards
– Digital Rewards
– Merchandise
– Experiential Rewards
– Prepaid Debit Reward Cards 
– Direct Deposit Payout
– Ezepic ™ Reward Links

Reward API

Our real-time reward REST API service allows organizations to integrate reward fulfillment into their apps or websites. ADR’s reward system is continuously updated with new merchandise based on availability and popularity. Check out our Reward Catalog.

Reward Technology Solutions

Our incentive solutions provide the right amount of system and program support for incentive managers looking to develop and manage a reward and incentive program.

– Rebate Processing
– Channel Sales
– Loyalty
– Market Research
– Health and Wellness
– Employee Recognition
– Payment Processing
– Custom Software Solutions

ADR’s Platform Services provide a secure real-time experience to participants without sacrificing what incentive program managers need to measure the success of their programs.