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All Digital Rewards (ADR) sales incentive management software, ChannelSTACK™, offers an automated easy to use reward fulfillment solution for channel sales program fulfillment that includes our proprietary RewardSTACK™, RewardREACH™, and Reward WIZARD™ API technologies all rolled up into one. With ChannelSTACK™ we put the control back in your hands with instant access to payment and reward options via API integration or data file transfer. Most companies rely on a network of channel partners who play an integral role in bringing their products and services to market. Our partner management platform manages even the most difficult challenges you face when deploying and managing your channel sales initiatives.

Our sales and partner management platform program allows for:

  • Accessible dashboard view across multiple campaigns.
  • Create, launch, and manage campaigns in real-time.
  • Instantly allows recognition of dealers and sales professionals for good work, achievements, milestones and build brand advocacy.
  • Centralize partner spiffs, incentives, communication, statements, and reporting
  • Offer the most desired, local rewards through a global catalog
  • Deliver relevant, personalized programming
  • Automated validation and payments
  • Monitor and manage multi-lingual programming

ADR simplifies even the smallest channel sales overlay promotion when applying our SaaS Partner Relationship Management Platform. We can connect to your existing system or provide an external solution to meet your needs. The more you engage your partners, the deeper your partner loyalty. Call All Digital Rewards now to learn more about how our expert team and platform services can turn your next channel sales promotion into results you can measure, influence sales-driving behaviors, gain market share, and strengthen partner relationships with our channel sales incentive programs. For more information on our proprietary channel sales program management SaaS platform and applications, call us now at 866-415-7703, or click on the button below to schedule a demo.