Expert help with promotions administration services, contest management, promotions development, and
the technology to pull it altogether ensure an effective and successful promotion.

The games and promotions services that All Digital Rewards (ADR) offers is extensive. Leading brands leverage our expert ability to combine, customize, and scale their games and promotions to meet unique needs and they look to us to provide a technological edge.

By having a built-in games management system, the flexibility of starting up new games and promotions is very simple as well as very effective. Games and promotions are used by businesses to generate everything from new leads, increase enrollment, gain more inquiries, and collect more information to driving new clicks to your site. There are many ways to utilize games and promotions to work for your bottom line. We have you covered in all aspects. We offer a full scope of services including concept design, co-branding, legal terms, set up, and administration, along with helping you determine which game solution will work best for you.

We make it easy for our clients to look to ADR for reliable and 100% efficient internal program administration.

ADR does everything from benefits to experiential rewards to instant cash rewards and POS integration. Your only reason not to succeed is by not contacting us to help open and expand that conversation. Your reward for engaging with All Digital Rewards is a healthier bottom line with less effort and faster solutions. Put our knowledge and skill to the test. We don’t succeed unless you do.