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Workforce engagement starts with Acknowledging a job well done.

Enhance Employee Motivation

Boost engagement and motivation with customizable employee rewards programs tailored to recognize and engage participants using the easiest, most extensive rewards catalog. Captivate and retain your audience with an expansive selection of physical and digital rewards spanning thousands of categories delivered via SMS, Email, Marketplaces, and Direct-ship.




Game Tokens

Our employee rewards technology ensures a smooth and enjoyable redemption experience every time.

Recognize with a Rewards Marketplace

Offering a multilingual rewards marketplace stocked with:

  • Millions of rewards
  • Merchandise
  • Gift cards
  • Experiences

Or plug in your own rewards offerings through seamless integrations with our rewards platform – we keep it simple.

All-In-One Rewards Solution


Millions of Rewards – Adding more every day, including Global Options


Incentivize anything – That’s right, you name the promotion. We have a solution and the right reward.

Service Awards

Celebrating everyday anniversaries and milestones that matter.


Create and manage all your rewards and recognition programs in one place.

And so much more. Need help with your program?

How Employee Rewards Drive Engagement

Employee rewards programs enhance engagement, reduce turnover, align performance with organizational goals, improve well-being, and attract top talent.

Companies with Recognition Programs


Lower voluntary turnover rate


Less likely to search for a new job


Of job seekers select a job based on rewards program

– Gallup/SHRM

Highly Engaged Teams Show


Leads to greater profitability


Move to higher productivity


More likely to increase revenue

– Gallup/SHRM

Select the Perfect Gift Card

Automated Rewards

Streamline your rewards process with automated triggers that recognize achievements in real-time, ensuring timely and consistent appreciation.

Holiday Gifting

Spread festive cheer across your organization with personalized gifts that celebrate the season and show appreciation for hard work throughout the year.

Spot Rewards

Instantly recognize and reward spontaneous acts of excellence. Spot rewards create an environment of immediate acknowledgment and gratification.

Performance Incentives

Drive and enhance performance with incentives that are directly tied to achieving specific goals, motivating individuals and teams to excel.

Wellness Programs

Promote health and well-being with rewards that encourage participation in wellness activities, benefiting both personal and professional life.

Team Appreciation

Show your remote team they are valued with tailored rewards that acknowledge their unique challenges and contributions from afar.

Celebrate employees on their terms, anytime, anywhere.

Whether on a smartphone or desktop, remote or in-office—deliver rewards on their terms via SMS, email, or points.

How it Works

Our Employee Recognition Programs are powered by a user-friendly and efficient process, designed to make recognizing your employees seamless and impactful:

  • Easy Program Setup
  • Seamless Recognition
  • Reward Distribution
  • Track and Analyze

By simplifying the recognition process and providing meaningful rewards, we help you create a culture of appreciation that drives employee motivation and engagement.

Pricing and Plans

Rewards that fit workplace culture and your budget

Learn From Our Success Stories

Explore these success stories to see how our solutions can drive engagement, satisfaction, and performance in your organization.

Efficiency in Reward Processing

In a significant efficiency upgrade, a leading Market Research Company migrated to our Digital Reward Management System, resolving delays and complexities in their reward fulfillment process. This shift to real-time reward delivery dramatically improved employee satisfaction and participation in their wellness programs, showcasing the power of seamless, technology-driven solutions.

Enhanced Product Knowledge

To enhance parts sales, a global automobile manufacturer implemented our system, targeting service writers at dealerships. Our innovative portal integrated education with incentives, offering instant win games for submitting sales claims. This approach boosted auto parts sales and product knowledge, adding excitement and immediate gratification to the process. Check out our Case Study.

Scalability and Adaptability

A leading digital health technology provider scaled their global recognition program using our platform’s flexible APIs and hierarchical architecture. Our multilingual and localization technology facilitated seamless, region-specific experiences, enhancing reporting and analytics capabilities for diverse employee engagement worldwide.

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Our Support Team is U.S. Based

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee recognition program?

An employee recognition program is a structured initiative designed to acknowledge and reward employees for their hard work, achievements, and contributions to the organization. These programs can include various forms of recognition such as monetary rewards, public acknowledgment, certificates, and other incentives that motivate employees and enhance workplace morale.

Why are employee rewards programs important?

Employee rewards programs are crucial because they help improve employee morale, increase productivity, and foster a positive workplace culture. Recognized employees are more likely to feel valued and engaged, leading to higher retention rates and better overall performance. These programs also promote a sense of loyalty and motivation among employees.

What types of rewards can be included in an employee rewards program?

Employee rewards programs can include a variety of incentives such as gift cards, prepaid debit cards, bonuses, paid time off, merchandise, travel experiences, wellness programs, and recognition awards. The choice of rewards should align with employee preferences and organizational goals to maximize their effectiveness.

How can we effectively implement an employee recognition program?

To effectively implement an employee recognition program, start by defining clear objectives and criteria for recognition. Involve employees in the planning process to understand their preferences. Communicate the program details clearly and regularly, and ensure that recognition is timely and meaningful. Utilize technology to streamline the process and track the program’s success through regular feedback and adjustments.

How do we measure the success of our employee recognition program?

The success of an employee recognition program can be measured through various metrics such as employee engagement surveys, retention rates, productivity levels, and feedback from employees. Analyzing these metrics helps to understand the program’s impact and identify areas for improvement. Regularly reviewing and adapting the program based on these insights ensures its continued effectiveness.

What are the best practices for employee recognition?

Best practices for employee recognition include making recognition timely and specific, aligning rewards with company values, being consistent and fair, and providing a mix of formal and informal recognition. It is also important to involve peers in the recognition process and to ensure that the recognition is personalized to make it meaningful for the recipient.

How can technology enhance our employee recognition and rewards programs?

Technology can enhance employee recognition and rewards programs by providing platforms that facilitate easy and efficient management of recognition processes. These platforms can automate reward distribution, track recognition activities, and offer analytics to measure program effectiveness. Additionally, technology can support personalized and scalable recognition efforts, making it easier to reach and engage all employees, regardless of their location.

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