All Digital Rewards provides
comprehensive digital rewards
and incentives services for your
customers and employees.

Our secure cloud-based reward management solution delivers a best in class
reward mix to diverse audiences for personalized real-time engagement.

Build brand advocacy with loyalty and incentive programs powered by All Digital Rewards. Digital rewards are the perfect way to acquire, engage and retain business. Reward participants for their support with spiffs, thank you gifts, rebates, promotions, and other incentives. Implementing a successful digital reward program can significantly benefit your business, but it is easier said than done. At ADR, we provide cutting-edge Platform services to assist with sales, customer, channel, and employee incentive solutions. Implement highly responsive incentive programs with the help of our secure, cloud-based SaaS platform.

Reward Offerings

Offer valuable rewards and incentives that your customers will love. Seamlessly track progress and integrate with existing technology using our all-in-one platform.

Platform Services

Support client, customer, and employee reward programs with the click of a mouse using our global incentive program, RewardSTACK™.

Program Support

We will help you implement customized incentive programs and provide you with round-the-clock support to overcome any roadblocks or bottlenecks.

Reward Fulfillment

We will handle the fulfillment of your digital rewards, including kit packing, warehousing, shipping, and support so you can focus on your core business

Solutions & APIs

Integrate compatible technology into a responsive incentive Platform using a flexible incentive and loyalty API

Games & Promotions

Make your reward program fun and interactive with games and promotions designed to generate leads, increase enrollment, reward behavior and collect data.


We support B2B, B2C and B2B2C program scenarios to engage and build lasting relationships.


A loyalty, incentive, and payment platform. A full suite of services makes program management & delivery simple.


Our loyalty and incentive solutions have targeted tools to drive engagement and build long-lasting relationships.


Offering an extensive rewards and incentives portfolio with all the top manufacturers and gift card brands.


Track program funding balances, participants, activities, claims, redemptions, reward issuance & more in real-time.


Digital SolutionsPrepaid CardsGift CardsMerchandisePayment SolutionsReward API

Digital Solutions & More

Increase revenue, build awareness, and award achievers.

Our Reward Solutions Program offers instant, customizable, and responsive rewards & incentives to engage employees, sales teams, and consumers.

Prepaid Cards

Reward your customers or employees with digital or physical prepaid cards.

You can even co-brand the cards with your company’s logo and artwork.

Gift Cards

Distribute digital or physical gift cards to your loyal patrons.

ADR offers a wide selection of brand-name gift cards that can be activated for use in different countries.

Brand Name Merchandise

Our digital reward program issues brand name merchandise.

We have a full catalog containing thousands of unique merchandise rewards that everyone can enjoy.

Payment Solutions

We understand that different businesses need different payment solutions.

Incentive Payment solutions programs can be customized to meet your corporate objectives.

Reward Catalog API

Transitioning to the ADR Reward catalog is an easy, hassle-free experience.

Assisting reward program managers simply, efficiently, and effectively with our flexible API.

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