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Category: Automation

Incentive Management Technology – Why is it Important?

We thought so, and we’re glad you’re exploring what it takes to create, launch and manage a successful incentive program – Technology! Developing a well thought out incentive program strategy is just one aspect of creating a reward incentive program. Thinking beyond the types of the rewards offered in your program, you need to make […]

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Comparing Loyalty Reward Management Solutions

The current landscape of changing consumer preferences and countless brand opportunities drive companies to embrace customer loyalty is the answer to increasing the lifetime value of their customers. Loyalty service providers looking to find companies in need of extending their customer’s lifetime value are more and more turning to content and lead generation providers who […]

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Loyalty Program Software Comparisons

There sits your sales team.  They’re on the phone or in front of a customer, ready to land that big deal. You rely on these people to play an integral role in bringing your products and services to market through a dealer network.  But how much does your team know about current offers on the […]

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How to Choose the Right Loyalty Marketing Company

What makes a loyalty marketing company different and how do you know which is right for you?  Are you looking for a program where the loyalty technology is tailored specifically to your needs or do you want an incentive program solution that gets even the most difficult product launch off on the right foot from […]

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