Inspire & Delight With a Rewards Marketplace

Quick to Implement. Simple to Use.

Enjoy the Largest Reward Catalog Offered

Whether you’re onboarding and a new employee or celebrating a work anniversary, ADR offers a global portfolio of over 1 million SKUs and top gift cards from over 2,000 popular stores and name brands. Popular offerings include products from your favorite retailers and brands like Amazon, Visa, Walmart and many more to help.

Participants can use their links and points for cash, a new HDTV, or to get their morning latte from their favorite coffeehouse. Connect via our:

  • Integrated API
  • File Upload
  • Integrations

Streamline rewards, maximize engagement, drive loyalty!

Mastering Marketplaces with Tailored Solutions

Acquire, engage, grow, and retain employee and customer audiences with an unmatched array of  physical and digital reward options delivered via the type of Marketplace your program requires.

Link Based

Instant gratification at its best! Receive a link for one-time redemption and select from a curated assortment of rewards. Quick, simple, and efficient.

Points Based

Accumulate points over time with every interaction and redeem them for a wide array of rewards. Perfect for keeping engagement high and motivation strong.

eGift Cards for Everyone

  • 2,000 + egift card options
  • Global reach
  • Top retail brands
  • Physical cards too!

eGift Cards for Everyone

  • 2,000 + egift card options
  • Global reach
  • Top retail brands
  • Physical cards too!

Celebrate employees on their terms, anytime, anywhere.

Whether on a smartphone or desktop, remote or in-office—deliver rewards on their terms via SMS, email, or points.

Amazon Business and More

Everyone Can Find Exactly What They're Looking For

Captivate and retain a global audience with an expansive selection of physical and digital rewards spanning numerous categories.

  • Extensive Reward Options
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • History of Redemptions
  • Custom Branded
  • Multilingual
  • Simple Track & Report

Marketplace Advantage

Discover the strategic advantages of integrating a versatile rewards marketplace into your program.

  • Please Everyone: Universal Appeal   
  • Boost Engagement: Increased Interaction 
  • Simplify Management: Effortless Administration 
  • Maximize Flexibility: Customizable Options 
  • Enhance Loyalty: Long-Term Retention 

Embrace a rewards marketplace to seamlessly align incentives with your objectives, ensuring every participant finds value and motivation.

Marketplaces Built for You

Configure our Platform with a rewards marketplace to perfectly suit your needs. With All Digital Rewards, you can tailor and customize your marketplace to perfectly match your specific requirements.

    • White-labeled StoreOffer users a consistent, integrated experience by customizing the marketplace with your logo, brand colors, and more.
    • Personalized CatalogTailor the rewards and categories in your catalog to feature products that resonate with your brand identity and audiences.
    • User ExperiencesConfigure the marketplace settings, including unified reward lifecycle experiences, currency and language, to meet your specific business requirements.

      Learn From Our Success Stories

      Explore these success stories to see how our solutions can drive engagement, satisfaction, and performance in your organization.

      “Switching to ADR’s Reward Marketplace was a game-changer for our employee recognition program. The Pay as you Go plan was perfect for our budget, the array of choices and the ease of use have significantly boosted engagement across the board. The personalized Visa program set up for our client appreciation was an instant hit!”

      Janet L.

      HR Director

      “As a rapidly growing tech firm, we needed a flexible rewards system that could scale with us and sit behind our technology as a white-label experience. All Digital Rewards delivered exactly that, enhancing our global rewarding capabilities and seamlessly integrating with our existing systems. Their support team is always ready to help!”

      Carlos M.

      Chief Technology Officer

      “We’ve seen a marked improvement in customer loyalty since implementing All Digital Rewards Marketplace. The ability to customize reward experiences and easily manage finance and compliance has made our promotions more effective and compliant. Truly a comprehensive solution!”

      Emma T.

      Marketing Manager

      Integrate the Way You Want

      Utilizing our API integrations can effortlessly enhance the distribution and redemption of rewards to make implementation simple, causes minimal disruption, and saves you time on your existing processes.

      Within Your Platform

      • If you’re aiming to enhance your existing application by integrating a robust rewards catalog seamlessly within your app’s flow, complete with your custom UI/UX and checkout experience, our Rewards API is the perfect solution.

      IFrame in a Snap

      • Use IFrames to embed the rewards marketplace into your platform or use WebView to render the marketplace in-app. Get started instantly in no time with minimal development effort and setup.

      One-click Redemption Experience

      • Enhance the redemption journey by seamlessly directing your users to our rewards store with a single click, complete with SSO authentication for a smooth and integrated experience.

      We Support You Every Step of the Way

      Our Support Team is U.S. Based

      Need some help? Our friendly Customer Support Team is ready to assist you.

      Our Support Team is U.S. Based

      Best Loyalty & Employee Marketplace

      ADR’s Marketplace is designed for scalability, security, and privacy, catering to the diverse needs of enterprise-level businesses across all industries making it best in class.

      Global Rewarding

      We support multiple languages and currencies across 100+ countries, ensuring global availability of our products to delight audiences wherever they are.

      Automated Fulfillment

      Effortlessly manage delivery via email and SMS for digital goods, along with delivery of physical products. Be in control of each stage of the lifecycle from catalog to fulfilment.

      Brandable UX

      Customize the rewards marketplace with your logo and brand aesthetics, and curate the product catalog to give a personalized and delightful redemption experience for end-users.

      Flexible Reward Values

      Choose the denomination as per your use case. We have multiple denominations available for all reward options, with the unique ability to configure decimal denominations.


      Keep your users hooked and drive engaged with games like sweepstakes, instant wins, spin the wheel, and other games. Make rewards fun and exciting with gamification options.

      End User Support Tools

      Explore our comprehensive end user support tools, including a detailed FAQ, live chat, a robust ticketing system, phone support, instructional tutorials, and user feedback mechanisms.

      Security & Compliance

      Certified and compliant with the leading security standards including SOC 2,  HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI DSS,  ISO 27001, GDPR, and CCPA, with additional security measures including like two-factor authentication (2FA) for login.

      Custom Visa Programs

      Tailor Visa card programs to your specific requirements, offering unique perks and designs that align perfectly with your brand identity and user preferences.

      Reporting and Analytics

      Access deep insights with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that feature hierarchical capabilities, allowing for layered views of data by department, region, or campaign for strategic decision-making.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the cost of implementing a point or link-based rewards marketplace?

      Our pricing starts with a pay as you go plan all the way up to an enterprise structured plan.  All  designed to scale with your business needs, offering various packages that include setup, maintenance, and support without hidden fees.

      How customizable is the rewards marketplace?

      Our marketplace is highly customizable, allowing you to align the look, feel, and options of the platform with your brand identity and specific program objectives.

      What types of rewards are available in the marketplace?

      We offer a diverse array of rewards across hundreds of categories including digital gift cards, physical products, travel experiences, and exclusive event access, all curated to cater to your audience’s unique tastes and preferences.

      How secure is the platform?

      Security is our top priority. Our platform is compliant with major standards like PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and more, featuring robust data encryption and multiple security layers to protect sensitive information.

      What are the integration capabilities of the rewards platform with existing systems?

      Our platform features flexible APIs and can integrate seamlessly with most existing HR, CRM, and ERP systems, facilitating smooth data transfer and operational continuity.

      How does the rewards redemption process work for end-users?

      Redemption is streamlined and user-friendly. Recipients can redeem their rewards through a simple interface with clear instructions and have access to a wide range of redemption options, including instant digital delivery or physical shipments.

      What kind of support and training does the provider offer?

      We offer comprehensive support and training, including initial setup assistance, regular training webinars, detailed documentation, and responsive customer service to ensure you and your team can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.

      Your Value, Our Promise

      We stand above our competitors with the largest selection of digital rewards, customizable options, and cutting-edge technology. With our advanced security and compliance measures, rest assured that your gift card process is in safe hands.

      All Digital Rewards is HITRUST CSF Certified

      Get Started with Automation

      Ready to automate your reward programs? Contact us today to set up a consultation or get started with our Zapier integration. Boost your engagement effortlessly with All Digital Rewards.

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