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Engage and Reward with a Full-Service Platform

All Digital Rewards loyalty program management software, LoyaltySTACK™ allows the setup of customized tiers of access as well as rules and parameters that are associated with each tier. Members can earn base points each time they complete the actions required, with the option of custom bonuses, referrals, exchanges, and promotional schemes that are chosen by the client. Additionally, the platform features a point-calculation engine, the ability to control point expiration, redemption capabilities, integration with multiple databases, and advanced layers of security. The ADR solution also includes ADR’s Contact Center Module, which enables the client to have direct communication with their loyalty program respondents, simplifying customer service processes and providing cost-effective account management.

How it Works



What’s Included

  • Accessible dashboard view across multiple campaigns.
  • Create, launch, and manage campaigns in real-time.
  • Instantly allows recognition of participants’ behavior for good work, achievements, milestones, and build brand advocacy.
  • Centralize sales spiffs, incentives, communication, statements, and reporting
  • Offer the most desired, local rewards through a global catalog
  • Deliver relevant, personalized programming
  • Automated validation and payments
  • Monitor and manage multi-lingual programming

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Platform Technology

System Features

– Single Point Integration
– Hierarchical Architecture
Enterprise SaaS
– Dynamic Modular Design
– OpenAPI
– Multi-Lingual
– Multiple Redemption Schemes
– Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games
Points Calculation Engine
Rebate Processing
– Loyalty and Channel Management
– Tier Capabilities
– Validations & QA
– Rules Management
– Communications & Notifications
– Google Analytics
– 3rd Party Capabilities
Security and Scalability
– Reporting Dashboard

Platform Benefits

– Increased Operational Efficiencies
– Grow Brand and Partner Loyalty
– Increase Engagement
– Improved Visibility
– Realtime Updates
– Intelligent Analytics
– Improved ROI
– Improve Business Agility
– Empower Teams with Data
– Achieve Commercial Excellence.
– Flexible and Configurable
– Acquire, Retain, and Grow Customers
– And so Much MORE!