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Customers and employees love earning points in incentive programs they can spend on travel, VISA® prepaid cards, e-gift cards, and brand name merchandise as they complete goals set by company stakeholders. They respond enthusiastically and are well acquainted with what is required to participate in points-based reward models. That’s a given.

Where it gets complicated is choosing the right company who is well versed in highly responsive incentive programs, the incentives, and rewards today’s diverse audiences demand and the advanced technologies needed to support multi-channel marketing initiatives.

All Digital Rewards’ incentive management platform is a dynamic grouping of well thought out microservices that come together to easily integrated into most existing CRM systems for a seamless single sign-on, or when that is not an option, our RewardSTACK™ application can operate external with minimal engagement break in user experience. Contact ADR to learn more about our STACK SaaS solutions and request a demo.


  • B2B2B2C Nested Capabilities
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Hosted Reward Sites
  • Customizable to Program Specs
  • Tiered Capability, Overlays 
  • Single Sign Integration 
  • Online Rewards Catalog 
  • Reward Management and Fulfillment 
  • Client Administrative Dashboard 
  • Email Communications and Tools 
  • Permission-Based Administrative Tools
  • Customer Service and Direct Mail 
  • Reporting and Analytics