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Exceed participant expectations by offering experiential rewards to your next incentive program launch. Experiences like concerts, private events, cultural activities, and more delight participants and build brand loyalty to the highest degree.

It’s a fact that rewards tied to an experience can evoke more powerful and longer-lasting emotions than issuing a transactional reward – like gift cards. This type of reward can be a little more expensive on average, but the value of your participants reliving their experience with friends and family can outweigh the cost of including them. Cost is a big factor and why these types of rewards are generally added to longer duration, point accrual incentive programs. The participants can earn points over time to redeem for experiences they may have not otherwise embarked on.

Pure and simple – Rewards that provide experiences generate advocacy. Even the simplest experiential rewards are highly prized. What are you waiting for? Partner with a provider that can give you instant access to hundreds of experiences.

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  • Travel
  • Movies
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Theme Parks
  • Special Dining