General Questions

What Rewards and Gifts are available through ADR?

ADR makes it convenient to reward your recipients, no matter their delivery or product preference. You can choose from various monetary and nonmonetary rewards that can be issued virtually online or off. ADR offers prepaid card products, merchant-branded e-gift cards, merchandise, experiential experiences, and money transfer via a bank ACH, check, and PayPal.

Why use All Digital Rewards

Not only do we have the digital rewards you need, but we also have the incentive system required to process the rewards in real time with analytics and reporting to help you make valuable decisions about your incentive programs across your organization. Whether you work for a university, a Fortune 500 company, or a nonprofit, you’ll find the tools to run a successful incentive and rewards program with ADR. Specifically, you get:

  • Multiple incentive program schemes to choose from
  • Role-based System access
  • Participant management
  • Points engine and management
  • Bulk ordering via CSV upload, manual entry, and API
  • Tools to fit the redemption experience to your brand and audience require
  • Create, launch, and manage campaigns in real time.
  • Centralize sales spiffs, incentives, communication, statements, and reporting
  • Instantly recognize participants
  • Offer the most desired local rewards through a global catalog
  • Deliver relevant, personalized programming
  • Automated validation and payments
  • Monitor and manage multi-lingual programming
  • Data privacy and security
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant
  • Customizable
  • Highly qualified customer care

Who can sign up for an All Digital Rewards account?

U.S. registered companies and organizations.

What are the costs associated with using All Digital Rewards services?

There is no cost to sign up to send rewards by CSV upload via our file upload or our rewards API. It’s completely free. If your business requires a more sophisticated program-specific incentive solution, reasonable development and implementation fees may apply.

What is a Program-Specific Incentive Solution?

ADR has Platform services designed to meet most organization-specific incentive program requirements (schemes). I.e., B2C and B2B rebates, different types of employee recognition, channel partner, health and wellness, and others. Those solutions are quick to market and semi-customizable.

Should I just send physical Visa® or top-brand retail gift cards?

ADR Rewards provides a suite of tools to run a successful reward & incentive program. We offer a simple bulk ordering process, customization tools to promote your brand, real-time rewards delivery via email with digital rewards, rewards tracking, dedicated team management, and many other features designed specifically for organizations. Today’s recipients are looking for instant gratification and e-gift cards and virtual prepaid products work best.   ADR Rewards provides a simple process to operate a corporate rewards program’s distribution, management, support, and reconciliation processes.

Sending Rewards

What delivery options do you have?

We have flexible delivery options.  We make it easy for you to choose the best method for your recipients.

  • Rewards API – Automate distribution of rewards and incentives by connecting to ADR’s API and or enjoy access to a full-stack embedded solution built to power rewards and incentives payouts in today’s modern apps and platforms.
  • Email – Recipients receive their payout via email — customizable with your branding and a unique message.
  • URL – You receive a list of links to individual payouts. Distribute them as you please.
  • SMS – Send via SMS text message — because even today, not everyone has or wants to use email
  • Full Stack Incentive Solution – Use of the full Reward Platform features and systems
Do you have a loyalty incentive points engine solution?

Yes, our incentive management platform is a dynamic grouping of well-thought-out microservices that come together to easily integrate into most CRM systems for a seamless single sign-on, or when that is not an option, our RewardSTACK™ application can operate externally with minimal engagement break in user experience. It is part of our Full Stack Platform.

Can you support rebate reward fulfillment?

Our rebate management platform provides a high-level view of processing, validation, quality control, fulfillment, communications, reporting, and analytics in a simple easy-to-use dashboard. Our rebate management platform manages even the most difficult challenges you face when deploying and managing your rebate initiatives. It is part of our Full Stack Platform.

How do I submit a bulk order?

Orders can be submitted via the RewardSTACK Platform Dashboard by uploading a pre-filled CSV data file.

Does ADR offer an API to purchase gift cards?

Yes! To get started sending instant gifts, please see our API documentation.

Is there a customized redemption experience available to fit my organization’s branding?

Program communications are entirely customizable to your branding. Whatever your message is, ADR helps you say it in a way that promotes your brand and rewards your recipient with a gift you know they’ll appreciate. Reward communication templates are easily customized to include your unique program messaging.

Rewards Management

Can I control who sees what?

Admin Users can create profiles and assign permissions to access loyalty applications as appropriate

What is included in the Full Stack Platform setup?

You don’t have to take advantage of all our platform features.  The system is modular-based and can accommodate one incentive program or multiple across your organization with one point of finance management.

Whether you are running a simple campaign or taking advantage of our full Platform – we start by creating your company profile, adding the role-based admin users, enabling the type of incentive program you need, and setting the language and currency.   

Then the fun part starts – we configure the components for the program setup – control features that manage participants, tiers, products, points, claims, validation, partners, rules, rewards, and reporting.  

The system is built to support most incentive event data processing to manage, track, and measure participant activities as well as issue and fulfill rewards. Contact ADR for a Demo today for an informative overview of what we offer.


What payment methods are accepted?

Payment can be made by ACH and credit card at the time of purchase or in advance via prepayment. By prepaying, you reduce the number of charges assessed to your payment account and reduce the risk of a future charge failing (possibly delaying delivery to recipients). ADR maintains a balance of your prepaid funds from which the cost of future purchases can be deducted. Prepaid funds can be wholly refunded at your request.

Are payment options shared amongst all team members?

Yes, users are role-based and we take care of that at the time of implementation.

Can I have order confirmations delivered to a separate email address?

The designated Admin for billing and accounting-related items is set up at the time of implementation.