An Innovative Loyalty Program Software Solution

All Digital Rewards proprietary loyalty program software, RewardSTACK™, is designed to help you see more results from your loyalty campaigns. Regardless of your industry or marketing goals, we can help you streamline your systems, track results, and connect with more customers using our flexible API designed for easy customization and efficiency. 

See More Results with Our Loyalty Management Software 

Whether you need to deliver five rewards or 95,000, our flexible and innovative software is up to the task. We make sourcing, fulfilling, and tracking rewards as simple as a few clicks of a button with a loyalty program software that gives you access to all the most in-demand market rewards. RewardSTACK™ also provides much-needed support for sales channels, overlays, bonus programs, referrals, exchanges, and/or promotional schemes of your choice.

Improve Efficiency and Increase ROI 

No matter what you’re looking to achieve with your marketing program, our customizable loyalty management software will help you increase ROI and improve efficiency with state-of-the-art features designed to generate results. RewardSTACK™ also includes ADR’s Contact Center Module, which gives clients direct communication with reward and incentive program respondents to simplify customer service and make account management more cost-effective. To ensure your campaigns run smoothly, ADR will be with you at every step, from campaign launch to implementation. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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Platform Technology

System Features

– Single Point Integration
– Hierarchical Architecture
Enterprise SaaS
– Dynamic Modular Design
– OpenAPI
– Multi-Lingual
– Multiple Redemption Schemes
– Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games
Points Calculation Engine
Rebate Processing
– Loyalty and Channel Management
– Tier Capabilities
– Validations & QA
– Rules Management
– Communications & Notifications
– Google Analytics
– 3rd Party Capabilities
Security and Scalability
– Reporting Dashboard

Platform Benefits

– Increased Operational Efficiencies
– Grow Brand and Partner Loyalty
– Increase Engagement
– Improved Visibility
– Realtime Updates
– Intelligent Analytics
– Improved ROI
– Improve Business Agility
– Empower Teams with Data
– Achieve Commercial Excellence.
– Flexible and Configurable
– Acquire, Retain, and Grow Customers
– And so Much MORE!