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All Digital Rewards (ADR) reward program management software, RewardSTACK™, offers an automated easy to use reward fulfillment solution that includes our proprietary Reward REACH™ and Reward WIZARD™ API technologies. With RewardSTACK™ we put the control back in your client’s hands with instant access to thousands of unique rewards connected to file uploading, email delivery, and reporting and analytics in a simple easy to use dashboard.

Whether a client is delivering rewards to five customers or 95,000, ADR’s RewardSTACK™ reward management solution provides the much-needed support for sales channel overlays, bonuses programs, referrals, exchanges, and\or promotional schemes chosen by a client.

Additionally, RewardSTACK™ includes ADR’s Contact Center Module, which enables the client to have direct communication with their reward and incentive program respondents, simplifying customer service processes and providing cost-effective account management.

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