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Employees and customers alike adore earning points in rewards and incentive programs they can spend on travel, e-gift cards, VISA® prepaid cards, and brand name merchandise as they complete goals set by company stakeholders. They respond enthusiastically and are well acquainted with what is required to participate in points-based reward models. That’s a given.

Where it can get complicated is choosing the right company to work with. You want a company that is well versed in highly responsive incentive programs, the incentives, and rewards today’s diverse audiences demand and the advanced technologies needed to support multi-channel marketing initiatives.

All Digital Rewards’ incentive management platform is a dynamic grouping of well thought out microservices that come together to easily integrated into most existing CRM systems for a seamless single sign-on, or when that is not an option, our RewardSTACK™ application can operate external with minimal engagement break in user experience. Contact ADR to learn more about our STACK SaaS solutions and request a demo.


Program Overview
  • B2B2B2C Nested Capabilities
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Hosted Reward Sites
  • Customizable to Program Specs
  • Tiered Capability, Overlays
  • Single Sign Integration
  • Online Rewards Catalog
  • Reward Management and Fulfillment
  • Client Administrative Dashboard
  • Email Communications and Tools
  • Permission-Based Administrative Tools
  • Customer Service and Direct Mail
  • Reporting and Analytics
Reward & Incentive Portfolio
  • Brand Name Gift Cards
  • Virtual and Physical Visa
  • Dining and Entertainment
  • Merchandise
  • Travel
  • Experiential
  • Digital Rewards
  • Instant Win