How to Choose the Right Loyalty Marketing Company

BY Lucy Fang
Jan 05, 2017
Incentives, rewards, program, channel sales, reward management solution, incentive program

What makes a loyalty marketing company different and how do you know which is right for you?  Are you looking for a program where the loyalty technology is tailored specifically to your needs or do you want an incentive program solution that gets even the most difficult product launch off on the right foot from the get go?  Do you need help alleviating investment risk by providing impartial vendors, scalable proofing systems, and single sign on with the latest applications?  How can you reduce your operational costs?  All Digital Rewards (ADR) will help answer these questions and so much more!

Firstly, ADR will help you decide which system is best for your situation and work with you to develop a strategy to go with it. Whether it’s building brand advocacy, retaining key employees, motivating a sales team or a partner sales channel, the incentive program you choose can make or break the outcome of your goals. At All Digital Rewards, our loyalty experts will help you design a program that is well defined and we will take the mystery out of the process to assist you to identify the technology you need to support the incentive program that is perfect for you through one of our cloud-based, dynamic, real-time STACK™ SaaS program management applications and platform solutions.

All Digital Reward’s advanced loyalty SaaS applications integrate seamlessly together and with a wide variety of leading third party technologies to provide effective turn-key incentive reward solution to manage incentive transaction processes quickly and cost effectively.  The loyalty reward management platforms, ChannelSTACK™ and LoyaltySTACK™ features a point-calculation engine, the ability to control point expiration, redemption capabilities, the ability to integrate into existing systems and advanced PCI compliant layers of security for sales and employee loyalty incentive programs. The solutions also include a Contact Center Module, enabling you to have direct communication with program respondents, providing cost-effective account management and simplifying customer service processes.

ADR solutions help you alleviate investment risk by providing impartial vendors and scalable proofing systems and applications. Moreover, ADR helps reduce operational costs by lowering maintenance expenditures, as well as leveraging the value of your existing assets by being less dependent on more expensive processes and technology.  We also carry responsive top brand incentive and reward products for better engagement and retention.

Launching one of ADR’s program specific software modules, GameSTACK™, and RewardSTACK™ allow you to meet the needs of a smaller targeted consumer or loyalty marketing initiatives.  Reducing implementation timeframes, and leveraging the value of your existing client assets thus making your program less dependent on more expensive processes and technology. These cloud-based STACK™ SaaS applications provide reward issuance and redemption management support for flexible programs with scalable options for consumer promotions and loyalty marketing.

The platform and applications are built with microservices architecture which provides small, independently scalable services that can be combined into applications simplifying the development and maintenance of applications. You can quickly change or add additional functionality in existing applications and accelerate response to changing audiences and marketing needs.  You can also run multiple incentive programs simultaneously online or off.

All Digital Reward’s Reward REACH™, Reward Wizard™ and Reward Fulfillment PLUS™ applications allows for access to a 100,000+ incentive reward marketplace, more responsive, real-time communications with a higher quality of service, including assured delivery and tight security. The overall value of working with a reward management platform and application through a microservice design unleashes improved agility and integration by architecting greater modularity into our applications designs from the beginning.