Top Six Ways to Drive Higher Engagement in a Loyalty Marketing Program

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 19, 2017
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Increasing engagement is at the top of every marketer’s list, and sales depend on it. Driving engagement is becoming more tedious and complex as technology advances, so you need to make sure your bases are covered to ensure marketing initiatives are successful in maintaining brand loyalty and you have aligned your brand with the right loyalty management partner. With years of experience in a growing, rapidly changing industry, All Digital Rewards continues to drive behavior and increase engagement with our Reward Management System, SaaS with Stack™.

SaaS with Stack™, fully automated, cloud-based reward management system that is designed to offer real-time instant reward delivery. Putting the right reward management system into play will boost a program’s chances of being more successful. Once a loyalty platform solution is implemented you create financial and operational efficiencies that can drive real-time feedback that makes rewarding participants the easy part.

Let’s face it – we all want to increases the lifetime value of our participants and turn even the most difficult participant into a real brand advocate. Our best customer is the one we already have. Below is six points to consider adding to your loyalty marketing campaign to drive user behavior, brand loyalty, and of course engagement.

Surprise + Delight. Sometimes surprises are delightful! They don’t happen often, but when they do they are pretty memorable. Offering a small gift just to your show appreciation to your customers is a great way to create brand advocates and boost engagement in your loyalty marketing initiatives. Utilize your Reward Management System by selecting an e-gift card to reward your participants a cup of coffee on you!

Specialized Treatment. Captivating a participant by making them feel special is a great way to increase the appeal of your loyalty platform. A great example is a tiered level platform where the more a user participates in the program, the higher tier they go, and they will receive exclusive rewards/benefits.

Recognition. When a participant reaches a certain level of achievement, be sure to recognize that! Send over a certificate of achievement with a $5 iTunes code. Super easy and affordable!

Reduce Friction + Complexity. As technology evolves, everyday life becomes easier. We become accustom to the simple shortcuts. When a platform has too many moving parts or is too difficult to navigate, then you can bet your bottom that engagement will start to decline..and fast!

Enhance Communication. Communication is really the key to success in any aspect. Communicating clearly with your participants/customers is crucial to crafting a successful loyalty platform. Well worded emails, easily read platforms, nothing too fancy and nothing too dull. It sounds like a lot to process, but always remember that less is more, never overwhelm the core.

By putting in play the right marketing touch points and having them supported by loyalty reward management solution, you will create brand advocates who are more than happy to help spread the word about your brand and boosts your social following.

In essence, your main focus is the participant, so ask yourself, “Will this make the customer happy?”. From reward offerings, recognition, communication skills, to technology; if you satisfy the participant then it won’t matter if they are part of a sales incentive, channel sales, panel survey promotion or a health and wellness initiative, the result will be a loyal participant who will drive brand advocacy, and more! Creating a successful loyalty platform doesn’t have to be difficult. Leave the hard stuff to the experts, at All Digital Rewards our team of experts is available to help you build your winning loyalty strategy. To learn more about driving higher engagement through Reward Management Technology call today at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!