Ordering Prepaid Incentive Reward Cards, Which Option is Best – Batch or Bulk?

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 26, 2017
Prepaid Incentive Reward Cards, physical, virtual, digital prepaid cards, reward payment solutions, incentive programs

When ordering Prepaid Incentive Reward Cards, companies have several options when working with All Digital Rewards.  ADR continually works to bring clients the best possible experience, making back-office processes more efficient and easier whenever we can.  All Digital Rewards offers multiple options for placing prepaid incentive reward card orders—you can order in batch, bulk, via API or in some cases, a combination of all three.  Card orders are supported with advanced, cloud-based reward payment solutions.  We ensure that when clients use our reward payment solutions, ordering is faster, easier and protected against fraud.  We make it our business to making placing orders for physical, and virtual digital prepaid cards more efficient, faster, more flexible and protected.

Whether your incentive program requires a single load or re-loadable options, unfunded or funded cards or shipment distribution by way of a digital process, direct to a single location or to end user recipients home address our incentive reward payment technology can handle it. Incentive prepaid card orders are processed from a variety of sources, each with a unique format.  Prepaid incentive card orders come to us through custom platforms, out of EDI-based systems, and can even be sent manually.

Today, clients interested in comparing prepaid incentive reward card providers should ensure that they have an automated incentive payment solution, which is what most program managers require, the system must translate their outputs into a standard format before submission. When working with All Digital Rewards, clients log into our RAOS and key in the order request to generate a bulk or batch order.

Better Batch Ordering

Batch orders are made in a variety of ways with ADR.  Some clients upload an Excel file to All Digital Rewards others take advantage of newer incentive payment technologies All Digital Rewards Offer and batch orders with:

Incorporate and report on unique fields. Fields can be added to support the unique needs of incentive programs.  By adding fields to support specific client incentive program requirements, helps clients internal reporting and reconciliation.  Forms can be enhanced to support additional fields such as customer P.O. numbers, hold and return data.  Ad hoc reporting options are available to report on issuance activity, unique data fields included, all of which is important to a business issuing VISA or Mastercard prepaid card rewards.

Fast, advanced mapping. On-boarding new clients and programs with ADR are quicker and easier than with other prepaid reward card providers. Our proprietary file mapper allows clients to provide their current file format to All Digital Rewards Systems Service Team.   Clients begin placing orders almost immediately once we map their format supplied to ADR’s to our standard format.  We save client valuable IT resources by not having to program to our format.  Incentive programs are up and running quickly by accepting your current file.

Quantity flexibility.  All Digital Rewards’ prepaid reward card payment solution format allows for our clients to pass a field indicating quantity, translating quantities into multiple records to meet current requirements, which greatly benefits clients.  Gone are the days of ordering multiple cards with the same characteristics.

Bulk Ordering Made Easier

With All Digital Rewards enhanced system-generated bulk ordering, clients use RAOS to request cards with common characteristics such as the same value, the same shipping location, the same printed name, etc.  What makes our bulk ordering process for physical and virtual digital prepaid rewards cards stand out from other prepaid incentive reward providers is:

Real-time ordering.  Accurate order data are essential because we enable your card products for real-time ordering. This means that once the order request passes our enhanced ordering and funding checks and balances, a real-time process moves the order directly to processing for fulfillment. Orders can be placed at any time, including weekends and evenings, ultimately arriving in hand even more quickly than today.

More flexible order fields. All Digital Rewards we allow clients to make changes as needed when ordering but keep static those fields where change is never required and create order fields with either fixed or variable values.  The flexibility can add personalized messages or the printed card 4th line and extend data such as card value, first and last names, and, shipping addresses.

Multiple or single shipping location options. Using the variable field option for bulk shipping information provides an order process for single or multiple locations for prepaid incentive reward cards.   Clients who are frequently adding new sites, this option is particularly helpful.

Data entry safeguards.  We ensure that input fields and error notifications checks are in place along with flexible fields safeguards are in place to ensure all character and length requirements are met. Example, if your program requires team members to place orders for variable values, we ensure that during input those variable values fall within a defined range, reducing the possibility of error when program managers place orders.

All Digital Rewards efficient order process allows clients to invest time in other areas essential to growing their business.  Leave the prepaid card stuff to the experts, at All Digital Rewards.  Our team of experts is ready to help you with a prepaid reward card strategy. To learn more about our prepaid incentive reward products and services and to drive higher engagement through our Prepaid Reward Management Payment Technology call today at 866-415-7703 or click to “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!