Understanding Loyalty Reward Management Systems and Platform Features

Understanding Loyalty Reward Management Systems and the Necessary Platform Features

At the heart of a modern loyalty program, a system must allow for much more than simple earn and redemption processes. It needs to provide all necessary business rules and maximum flexibility for managing high performing loyalty programs, able to operate with multiple APIs, ensuring ease of integration to front-end channels, campaign management, and other IT systems. Having an intuitive user interface allows for seamless workflows and maximum performance towards reaching engagement targets and business objectives.

A platform should be feature-rich and flexible. It should be developed and designed to quickly set up and manage loyalty programs to drive customer engagement and loyalty towards your brand.

Key features include creating and managing member accounts, targeted promotions, status levels & benefits, multiple currencies and more.  Now that we understand what the ideal system should operate, what are the standard types of features it should be included to round out the perfect loyalty reward management system?

Standard Loyalty Platform Feature Overview

Member Profiles –  Set up an infinite number of member accounts with vital personal data. Manage the virtual currency accounts of members in real-time and audit-proof.

Admin CRM Module –   View and manage member profile data in a comprehensive member dashboard to see specific
loyalty data such as points balance statement, points expiry dates, status level, program creation, etc.

Accounting and Reports Module –   Receive loyalty reports on a regular basis to review the success of campaigns and communication set up by you.

Event-triggered Notifications and Communication Module –  Set up event triggered notifications or communications for program members. Configure, manage, send and track emails via an internal email / SMS system: welcome e-mail, membership upgrade, points expiry, redemption transaction, birthday mail and more

System Users & Groups with Audit Tracking –  Define permission levels and provide module access to users/user groups.
Have control and audit-proof records from user activity logging. Helps identify who changed promotion rules, when, and by what values.

Integration APIs –  System provides a set of APIs for quick integration to various systems, such as enrollment, point – status check, status. Benefit Check or Transaction and many more. Detailed API documentation is available.

Program Rules –  Set up the program to reflect your company/program structure in an in-depth number of hierarchies.
I.e. reflect even complex loyalty coalition program structures with dealers, brand partners, product (sub-) categories, SKU, country, region, city, and more.

Promotion Rules – Easily create and manage compelling, targeted promotions to engage your customers.
Reward your customers for events such as enrollment, spending, redemption, interaction, and many more.

Redemption Management –  The system allows your members to redeem points in real-time,
double the value of points when redeeming in a specific calendar period to support seasonal campaigns etc…

Event-triggered Promotions (social media, surveys, wellness, sales, etc.)  –  Event-triggered promotions include, for example,
members earn 1000 points for getting a mammogram,  selling parts and services, taking part in a survey or a social media activity.

Payments Module – Our complete payment and receipt processing module enables efficient, reliable and secure financial transactions. It is the central payment engine for ADR’s Loyalty Platform that lowers costs and improves control by integrating out-of-the-box with major processors and financial institutions.

Targeted Promotions with Member Segments –  Reward only selected member segments based on
desired member profiles or previous transaction/customer behavior through meta tags.

Multiple Virtual Points Currencies –  Create and manage various virtual currencies to make your program more flexible and attractive. Provide overlay promotional incentive currencies in addition to your base incentive currency.
Allow for different redemption values and options for various currencies and flexibly edit expiry rules for each currency.

Loyalty Program Marketplace – Create and manage various points-based marketplaces that include digital codes,
merchandise, VISA prepaid reward cards, gift cards, travel, and or your own branded products and services for incentive redemptions.
Provide overlay promotional marketplaces in addition to your base incentive marketplace. Allow for different redemption values and options for various marketplaces. The feature allows for real-time incentive delivery redemption.

Claims – Generate, manage and track unique loyalty program sales claim promotion or sales codes or external claim code series to use as rewards. Upload/scan images, bar code. The feature allows for real-time claim validation.

Vouchers –  Generate, manage and track unique loyalty program related voucher codes or external voucher code series to use as rewards. The feature allows for real-time voucher validation.

Coupons and Rebates –  Generate and manage loyalty-related rebates and targeted promotion coupons.
Define rebate and coupon promotion and incentive values. Upload/scan images, bar code.
The feature allows for a real-time coupon and rebate validation.

Cash-Based Rewards –  In addition to the management of points and virtual currencies, our platform also offers administration of “cash-based rewards”.
Your customers can receive a direct “cash-based” (check, PayPal, prepaid reward card) payments for targeted behavior.

Gamification – System offers complete administration of instant win and sweepstakes style drawings.
Your customers can access games through the Marketplace or externally hosted games managed through the Admin CRM.

Multiple Status Levels –  Set up any number of status levels and flexibly assign upgrade and retention rules,
depending on various criteria (e.g., number of status points earned, spend frequency, etc.).

Status Benefits –  Assign soft benefits to members, e.g., depending on their status
level and manage the inventory of interests on a per member basis.

Partner-Specific Data Structures –  Our platform can deal with and integrate different data structures of
partners providing a friction-less single sign-on.

Reward Marketplace Integration with Offer Affiliates –  ADR offers a plug & play integration for ‘offer affiliates’ in our marketplace.
This feature creates additional program attractiveness for participants, while at the same time securing other revenue streams for your company.

If you’re looking for a leading software solution to quickly set up & manage powerful loyalty program All Digital Rewards’ loyalty platform has all the features needed to make a readily available solution to take your loyalty program to the next level.

ADR’s extensive feature set and its highly efficient SaaS architecture make our loyalty platform a perfect solution for brands in search of small to enterprise enabled technology. We excel at fast time-to-market, and smooth integration into existing IT landscape, its scale-ability for any size & sector – all offered at transparent & straightforward pricing. To learn more about Loyalty Reward Management Systems, you could give “Incentive Management Technology-Why Is It Important? a read -or- click the “Schedule A Demo” button at the bottom of the page // give the ADR experts a call today at 866-415-7703!

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