How To Pick The Best Incentive Program Technology Provider

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 07, 2022
ADR Blog image - How To Pick The Best Incentive Program Technology Provider

Businesses and organizations are now more than ever faced with delivering program incentives on Platforms that can provide enhanced capabilities securely to motivate participants to achieve increased targeted outcomes. As technology changes and business requirements evolve, managing programs and rewards can become more and more of a challenge.

The question becomes, “How do you pick the right technology provider?” Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for every incentive program, there are some key elements that your technology vendor should be providing when offering a solution for your incentive program.

Meets Compliance Standards

All good loyalty and incentive solutions should allow you to create clear and concise terms and conditions for your incentive program and the reward products that are redeemed. You should select an incentive system that handles customer data in a responsive, transparent way, and effectively protects data privacy.

Dynamic Segmentation

Dynamic segmentation in Platform services helps program managers target specific customer segments in real-time, saving them time doing the segmentation manually.

Flexible Design Options

A Platform built in a modular architecture with product platform strategies enables companies to build a broader portfolio of incentive program offerings for clients and client customers. The system can include niche products at an acceptable cost with less effort.

Segmentation Frameworks

Today program managers need a Platform provider that can provide segmentation frameworks to sufficiently guide organizations through business-to-business (B2B), business-to-business-to-business (B2B2B), and business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) incentive program management.

The system should also leverage a multi-level account hierarchy capability and can semi-customize each enterprise client’s program components to a certain degree according to their specifications. Ensure that the system allows no data sharing between client accounts under an agency’s management.

Scalability & Security

It is essential with every platform inquiry to ask yourself this question: “can this company’s software scale with my organization’s program and securely protect the data within it?”

Data security will continue to be a significant factor and must be a top feature to research before deciding on an incentive software platform provider.

Flexible API

Working with a flexible API, company software developers can integrate from any compatible technology to a loyalty incentive platform.

Look for a provider with a RESTful API that can effortlessly incorporate incentive programs and reward management products and services into an existing client system or just about any other system with source code access.

With a robust and developer-friendly API in place, you only need to integrate your existing services with new incentive and loyalty software.

Other Features to look for

This post has only gone over a few of the things you need to look for when deciding on an incentive technology platform. To see a more detailed breakdown, read our guide here, which will include more details on what we’ve already gone over as well as information on the following additional features:

  • Self-Service Participant Portal
  • Dynamic Notification
  • Tier Management
  • Rules Management
  • Google Analytics
  • File Upload
  • Global Reward Catalog
  • Points Calculation Engine
  • Multiple Award and Redemption Delivery Endpoints
  • Reporting Dashboard

At All Digital Rewards, our job is to make your job easier and help you succeed with your business objectives. We built our proprietary incentive platform, RewardSTACK, with these top features in mind. Customization requirements are welcome. If you have questions in general about incentive software or would like a demo of RewardSTACK, don’t hesitate to contact us at 866-415-7703, ext. 2, for a no-obligation introduction to our services and access to our 2022 Incentive Technology Buyers Guide.