Participant Engagement is Key to a Successful Channel Partner Program

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 10, 2017
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It may seem obvious, but participant engagement is key to a successful channel partner program, but how do you create a program that maintains motivation for the users to engage? In reference to an ongoing study from an ADR client, we just may have the solution to help you. This particular client is a leading global motor vehicle manufacturer out of South Korea. Over 1.5 million vehicles a year produced in 13 manufacturing and assembly operations in eight countries. They wanted to run a genuine accessory sales overlay promotion for their dealer partners in the US market. The promotion included sales, service, and accessory departments.

The issue at hand: Their previous promotion was declining user engagement and not performing well. The leading automotive manufacturer reached out to All Digital Rewards to relaunch the program in hopes of better results.

ADR had to transform their current program into a high-performing platform all without confusing and losing the important component that the participants craved – rewards. ADR needed to pour life into an outdated program, address the declined engagement, administer advanced technology that increased the sales of genuine accessories without increasing the budget, and improve participation and efficiency in reward deployment. How do you ask? The experts here at All Digital Rewards recommended a sales claim overlay program that included keeping the previous program branding, adding interactive games of chance, accessory education, more timely program notifications and enhanced reward management technologies for administration and reporting.

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Each promotion designed is a unique theme to boost excitement. Several programs were and continue to be designed and change every spring and fall to keep the program fresh and new, all without changing the core system. To encourage enrollment in the program, an instant reward is administered. As the Accessory sales claims are entered into the system instant rewards are given for the first 5 claims, first 25 claims, the most claims per week, per region and one grand prize winners for regions. As a kicker, each participant is served up 200 Genuine Accessories questions.  Each correct answer puts the participant into an instant drawing, one in twenty are a winner.  An additional award to promote the selling throughout the dealership is the weekly munchie box. One dealership per category grouping (small, medium & large dealers) wins a munchie box for the most correctly answered clues for the week. This really made a difference when the small to large dealers were acknowledged.

The results were phenomenal and the automotive manufacturer has increased in Genuine Accessory sales from their previous years. The Claims increased from 32,000 to over 73,000 claims in just a 3 month period and the awareness and knowledge of the Genuine Accessory sales increased by 800%. Those numbers don’t lie folks. The key here is always evolving your platform and rewards to avoid becoming stagnant. When the program is the same, offering the same prizes, then you lose user engagement because it is no longer new or exciting.

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