Increase Genuine Accessory Sales with The Right Sales Promotion

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 10, 2018
Case study - Increase Genuine Accessory Sales with The Right Promotion


This case study will illustrate how to increase genuine Accessory Sales by implementing a highly responsive sales overlay program that will increase participant engagement by educating participants, using interactive games, and issuing sought-after reward incentives as part of a promotional sales claim process. The case study is an illustrative of the promotion outcome after the conclusion of three similarly situated overlay promotions over an eighteen-month period.

The subject of the case study is a leading global automotive manufacturing company that is South Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 1.5 million vehicles a year produced in 13 manufacturing facilities and assembly operations in eight countries. They wanted to run a genuine accessory sales overlay promotion for their dealer partners in the US market. The promotion included sales, service, and accessory departments.

The current promotion was not performing and the manufacturer reached out to All Digital Rewards to re-launch the program.  Being a valued client of All Digital Rewards, and it was important to take into consideration how the promotion was previously conducted, not confuse the participants, and not lose the component participants had enjoyed – the rewards.  All Digital Rewards would have to address the promotions decline over the last couple of years with better engagement and apply advanced technologies to increase the sales of genuine accessories without increasing the budget, confusing the participants with an administrator change, while at the same time improving participation and efficiency in reward delivery.

All Digital Rewards recommended a sales claim overlay program that included keeping the previous program branding, adding interactive games of chance, accessory education, more timely program notifications, and enhanced reward management technologies for administration and reporting.

A manufacturer claims sales overlay program is a short-term promotion added to an existing sales incentive promotion to boost sales of particular products or products during certain seasons where the selected participants, (and in this case upon completing qualifying genuine accessory sales). Participants are then rewarded with prepaid cards, merchant gift cards, merchandise and travel upon completing the manufacturers’ desired behavior.  Whereas a traditional sales incentive program is a continuous reward promotion where the participants are offered points or an alternate reward value for completing desired sales, safety, and health and wellness activities; of which they can spend towards a selection of incentive gift cards, prepaid card rewards, merchandise, digital rewards, and travel.

The purpose of rewarding the participants in this sales overlay study or any incentive program is to meet stakeholder behavior objections.

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