4 Ways to Measure Your Workforce Engagement

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 28, 2022
blog image - 4 Ways to Measure Your Workforce Engagement

In the wake of the great resignation and the trend of quiet quitting, companies everywhere are fighting to find ways to acquire, obtain, and motivate top talent. All of these goals are supported by an engaged workforce. The question is, how engaged is your workforce? Let’s go over some metrics and questions you can ask to gauge how well your company is doing at engaging your workforce.

1: What is your retention rate?

We’ll start with a fairly obvious one: retention rate. Retention rate and turnover are great ways to check your company’s engagement success. According to SHRM, the basic formula for calculating turnover is:
(# of separations during the measurement period /
average # of employees during the measurement period) x 100
Using this formula, you’ll get a good understanding of how your company is doing in retaining your employees. It is best to also compare this number to the average for your industry, as some companies tend to have higher turnover rates due to the nature of the job. If your turnover rate is higher than the industry average, you’ll want to understand why. This is a big indicator that your employees may not be engaging with your company or their work.

2: All Employee Feedback is Positive

If you regularly send out employee surveys to get feedback on how your employees feel about the company and what they think should be improved, you may feel good seeing almost all positive feedback. However, this can be a sign that your employees actually aren’t engaging with your company. When employees feel that criticism might put their job in jeopardy or that complaints might lead to follow-up questions they aren’t interested in answering, an employee will likely give all positive feedback to keep out of trouble/left alone. Alternatively, they just may not care enough about the company to give any recommendations. It’s great to get positive feedback, but make sure you verify that the feedback is actually positive and not just a blanket covering up big problems.

3: Employees Have Trouble Articulating Goals

When your employees are asked about their department’s goals, can they answer quickly and clearly articulate those goals? If they can’t, or the goals stated by most employees in the same department are inconsistent, then there may be problems. It may be that they aren’t connecting with their work and don’t care about the department’s goals, o, it may be an issue with leadership. If leadership doesn’t clearly communicate goals to their subordinates, than your employees become disconnected from their department. It is hard to motivate employees who don’t know why they’re showing up for work every day. If all they’re doing is what’s asked of them, without any understanding of the bigger picture for their department and the company, they are likely to become disconnected from what they are doing.

4: It isn’t Personal

A goals follow-up question to ask employees is, “How does it benefit you if you achieve your department goals?” Here’s where you will really see how engaged your employees are. If they believe meeting goals only improves their job security, then the moment another company comes along with a better offer, you’re losing the employee. Your employees should not only know and understand their department goals but also how meeting those goals directly benefits them. One of the simplest, most cost-effective ways of doing this is to offer an incentive program for your employees.

How to Reengage Your Employees

Incentives are consistently shown to be an effective way to motivate and engage employees. With the right incentive program, technology, and rewards, you’ll be well on your way to a happy, motivated workforce.

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