Loyalty and Incentive Decision Guide for Full-Service Platform Solutions

Decision Guide for Loyalty and Incentive Full-Service Platform Solutions

BY Lucy Fang
Dec 20, 2021
guide to Top Loyalty and Incentive Platform Features to Look For in 2022

This informative guide will help organizations understand the top must-have SaaS system features for 2022 and beyond. As technology evolves and becomes more cross-functional, user-friendly, and accessible on mobile devices – not to mention the vulnerability to data breaches – participants have come to expect more from the incentive platforms they share their data with and are engaging on. Businesses and organizations are now more than ever faced with delivering program incentives on Platforms that can provide enhanced capabilities securely to motivate participants to achieve increased targeted outcomes. As technology changes and business requirements evolve, managing programs and rewards can become more and more a challenge.

Table of Contents:

Top Must-Have System Features

White Label and Compliance Standards

Modular Design

Dynamic Segmentation


Security and Scalability

Hierarchical Design B2B2B2C+

Flexible API

Self-Service Participant Portal

Dynamic Notification

Tier Management

Rules Management

Google Analytics

File Upload

Global Reward Catalog

Points Calculation Engine

Multiple Award and Redemption Delivery Endpoints

Reporting Dashboard

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