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Gamification and Your Incentive Programs

Sweepstakes and instant win game applications have long been a popular feature in incentive programs, and it’s easy to see why. Game-based promotions can be easily integrated into the best sales incentive plans, loyalty program platforms, rebate management systems, customer acquisition programs, and more.  When conducting a sweepstake or other game-based promotions, working with instant […]

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Factors Of Profitable Rebate Programs

Rebates were once believed to be outdated marketing tactics, but technology and clever consumers, have kept rebates popular. Rebates are a fantastic way of drawing in customers and affords them with a helpful way to save money through future credits, digital rebates, and different types of savings incentives. The problem is, with the incorrect technology […]

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Why Your Next Incentive Program Needs Virtual Rewards

The best sales incentive plans, rebate incentives, customer incentive programs, and health and wellness incentive programs will almost always offer some form of virtual rewards. An important consideration is the time-frame of a virtual reward. A virtual prize is an incentive reward that is awarded immediately as a reward for an action or an event […]

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