How To Get The Most Out Of Your Channel Partner Program Through The Power Of Incentives

Savvy businesses know that engagement is the most important ingredient in a successful channel partner program. When your channel sales team drives a considerable portion of your business’s revenue, keeping the relationship between you and your sales team strong becomes an essential part of your business’s focus. How do you improve those relationships and get the most out of your channel partner program? Incentives!

Incentives are a popular way of improving channel partner programs. The goal of an incentive program is to change behavior. If your incentive program doesn’t cause a change in behavior, it isn’t effective. Effective incentive programs motivate and engage your sales force, pushing them to greater success! A quality incentive program will require you to have the right rewards, the right technology, and the right administrator. Rewards have to be something that your sales force with value, while also fitting your program’s budget.

The Right Rewards
Choosing the right rewards for your incentive program can be tricky. Rewards have to be something that your sales force with value, while also fitting your program’s budget. Rewards can include Visa prepaid cards, gift cards, merchandise, digital incentives, travel, and experiential rewards. Demographic information, surveys, and an understanding of current reward interest trends are essential to the selection of your program’s rewards.

The Right Technology
Your channel partner incentive program will need technology that provides a user-friendly dashboard with access to centralize partner spiffs, communication, incentives, statements, and reporting. Partners want to make sure that reward delivery is as convenient as possible, so you will need technology that will allow for automatic validation and fulfillment.

The Right Administrator
Incentives aren’t just about the short-term effect on sales. They’re also about the long-term impact on your channel partner relationships. Good loyalty service providers and incentive program administrators will work to create a convenient incentive redemption process for incentive program participants to redeem rewards and offer rewards that will be of value to program participants. Additionally, the administrator should have access to a top-notch incentive management system and reward management technology.

All Digital Rewards is a leading loyalty agency with extensive capabilities and technologies for channel incentive program administration. Our channel partner program experts have helped to lower our clients’ program costs while improving their program participant’s engagement. ADR simplifies even the smallest channel sales overlay promotion throughout SaaS Partner Relationship Management Platform, ChannelSTACK™.

ChannelSTACK™ offers an automated easy to use reward fulfillment solution for channel sales program managers that includes our proprietary RewardSTACK™, GameSTACK™, RewardREACH™, and Reward WIZARD™ API technologies all combined into one. Channelstack™ provides you with instant access to thousands of unique rewards connected to email delivery, file uploading, and reporting and analytics in a convenient easy to use dashboard. Our omnichannel data integration allows us to connect to your existing system or we can provide an external solution, depending on your company’s needs. With our SaaS Incentive solution, we have a mobile framework, and it is plug-ins ready for existing apps or to create new apps. No matter your program’s requirements, we have the advanced technologies you need, and we understand what today’s user is looking to experience.

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