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Market Research Recruitment Incentive Programs ABCs

The ABCs of Market Research Recruitment Incentive Programs Market researchers know that the happiness and engagement of their panelists is key to their success. Keeping your panel recruitment incentive programs fresh and exciting is an integral part of the process of increasing panelist engagement. By including the right rewards and incentives, using top-notch technology, and […]

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The Keys To A Successful Channel Sales Incentive Program

THE KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL CHANNEL SALES INCENTIVE PROGRAM An essential aspect of the process to generate sales, customers, and new leads is to engage and entice your partner sales down-line about your products and services. Channel sales incentive programs help to motivate your sales teams to do their best work. Channel sales incentive initiative […]

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Resources For Successful Loyalty Marketing Programs

RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS Loyalty Marketing Programs focus on buyer retention and reward customers for their loyalty. Effective customer incentive programs combined with the right reward management system and the help of loyalty service providers can generate strong financial returns. There are several resources that can increase the effectiveness of Loyalty Marketing Programs. Prepaid Cards Prepaid […]

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