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Tag: Channel Partners

Transform Your Channel Sales Incentive Program With the Best Software & Solutions

The most successful channel sales incentive programs are supported by the best software and technology. The best channel partner programs value incentive companies for the resources and support their software offers to their channel marketing strategy and channel sales incentive programs. Whether you’re setting up new sale incentive programs, revamping existing sales incentive plans, or […]

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Learn How To Measure Your Channel Sales Program’s Success

Data is the secret to measuring your success. If you want to dominate your channel sales and set yourself up for an awesome growth curve, you need the right data to build out the metrics for your program. Once you have the data, you can identify your program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with ease. […]

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Experiential Rewards To Increase Your Sales Program Engagement

Your sales incentives program is essential to your success with your channel partners. Those rewards motivate and inspire your channel sales team. Over time, adding or changing your incentive offerings is a good strategy to keep your program fresh and vibrant. The question is, what rewards will have the greatest impact? Here’s where experiential rewards […]

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What Are The Most Effective Types Of Incentives?

Whether it is for a customer loyalty incentive program, a health and wellness incentive program, or a channel partner program,  choosing the right rewards and incentives is one of the most important parts of planning your incentive program. But how do you know which incentives will be the most effective for your program?  Well, first […]

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The Easiest Way To Motivate Your Channel Partners

Motivation is the secret sauce for success in your channel partner program. The question is, how do you cultivate the motivation your sales force needs? A recent Forbes article outlined six keys to workplace motivation: Set goals Celebrate milestones Provide feedback Empower problem-solving and learning Follow through on promises Experiment and learn Most people will […]

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