Why Your Next Incentive Program Needs Virtual Rewards

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 15, 2019
Why Your Next Incentive Program Needs Virtual Rewards

The best sales incentive plans, rebate incentives, customer incentive programs, and health and wellness incentive programs will almost always offer some form of virtual rewards. An important consideration is the time-frame of a virtual reward. A virtual prize is an incentive reward that is awarded immediately as a reward for an action or an event undertaken by a participant and then delivered via a digital medium. Virtual rewards allow for instant gratification, which can increase the feelings of satisfaction from your participants. 

The effectiveness of your digital or virtual incentives depends on the nature of the virtual reward and how valuable it is perceived to be by participants. Virtual rewards come in many forms; some of the most common are: Virtual gift card rewards, visa virtual cards, instant win games, and sweepstakes entries. Virtual incentive rewards such as virtual visa prepaid card rewards. These are a solid choice for incentives as they are viewed as a cash equivalent by incentive program participants. Gift cards have many of the same benefits and are often viewed as a windfall, which allows them to spoil themselves instead of having to be responsible with their spending. 

Primary Benefits of Virtual Incentives:

  • Instant issuance and instant use by participants
  • Immediate delivery
  • Impossible to lose in the mail
  • Easy for your participants to use
  • No production cost

Sweepstakes and instant win games are another incredibly popular use of virtual rewards. Sweepstakes and instant win games add an extra element of excitement for participants. Chance can make participants experience a giddy sense of delight over the simple possibility of winning. To run these programs well, instant win game technology or sweepstakes technology is usually necessary for best results. Good instant win game providers, such as All Digital Rewards, will have an extensive selection of digital gift card incentives, prepaid visa cards, and other virtual incentives. 

Digital rewards can easily be incorporated into a rebate management system, loyalty program platform, or any other incentive management system. All Digital Rewards will provide you with a reward management system and an extensive selection of physical and virtual rewards. Our digital incentive experts can offer rebate, loyalty, or sales incentive program ideas, among others, to help you integrate digital rewards into your incentive program. 

Our team of experts at All Digital Rewards is excited to help you grow your incentive program, and determine an effective digital reward strategy, and enlighten you on the best program performance products along the way. To learn more about our virtual reward products and services and to drive higher engagement through our Reward Management Technology call today at 866-415-7703 or click to “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!