Include a Prepaid Reward Card as the Incentive When Creating an Award-Winning Consumer Promotion

BY Lucy Fang
Jun 30, 2018
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Consumer sales promotions are a great way to entice consumers to purchase a product – does your incentive reward provider offer Prepaid Rewards Cards?  Did you know that prepaid Rewards Cards are known to be one of the top preferred reward types for consumer incentive programs? There are lots of reasons why consumers love prepaid cards and a quality prepaid reward card provider can help take your next consumer promotion to award-winning levels! But what are the real benefits of using VISA prepaid incentive reward card in you consumer promotions?

First Thing’s First

The main benefit of a Prepaid Card is that the branding of the card can mirror your company. Why is this such an important factor as a business? It’s simple! This is a fantastic brand awareness tool and also encourages your consumers to keep coming back for more!

While Prepaid Cards may be a great option for your Loyalty Program, there are several important details to consider, for example:

Assemble the process beforehand

These cards are super simple to become accustomed to, but it’s important that the cards are loaded and ready to activate the second your customer opens it. People want instant gratification. This also ensures that the customer will not have to deal with a difficult activation so they can begin to utilize their reward.

Good timing

The Prepaid Card will ensure the most use at the right time of year. Meaning, consumer-based holidays such as; Christmas, Valentine’s day and even personal based holidays like birthdays or anniversaries. Encourage your consumers to shop through the holidays. Also, by having your branded prepaid card, they will be more likely to do their holiday shopping with you, instead of your competitors.

Retailers and Consumer Demographics

Identifying your consumer demographic base is extremely helpful in developing a successful Prepaid Card incentive program. Once the demographic has been established, selecting featured retailers that the specific demographic will enjoy will be a simple task. Customers feel taken care of when they perceive you as anticipating their wants and needs. Without identifying your demographic, your efforts can result in consumers being pushed towards unwanted retailers or products.

“Organizations today want to reward more people, not just the high performers but also those that support them. Gift cards make it easier to spread the incentive budget across more recipients and they give recipients broader choice over their reward.” – Mike Ryan, President Emeritus of The Performance Improvement Council

Prepaid card products are incredibly easy and can be more desirable to use in certain incentive promotions.  This is the reason they continue to be a leading incentive reward choice when forming an incentive promotion that will keep your participants engaged in today’s changing market. All Digital Rewards has an extensive offering of prepaid reward products, such as; custom branded prepaid reward cards, VISA physical and Virtual Reward Cards, top name brand gift cards, merchandise, digital rewards and travel for incentive and reward programs that can meet your company’s stakeholders incentive payout goals when searching for a prepaid reward card provider. Give the prepaid card experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!