Engage Customers with a Points Based Loyalty Program

BY Lucy Fang
Mar 23, 2017
Prepaid Debit Cards, Rewards, Points-Based Reward Management System, Brand Management Software

Points-based loyalty programs will engage your audience.

Have you defined your customer acquisition and retention strategies? Is the process simple and easy to understand or is there unintentional friction and/or a disconnected experience?  Do you use brand management technology?  These questions are important in today’s evolving digital world as companies are moving to provide customers a seamless brand engagement experience to interacting with their brands when and how they want to.  Whether or not you have a solid strategy, All Digital Regards can help increase the lifetime value of your audience by applying a points-based loyalty solution to your loyalty marketing initiatives – turning lemons into lemonade.

But how do you make sure your customers are engaged with your brand and not another?  One sure way is to continually update and let your loyalty program shine.  This can be done by simply updating your
reward mix by adding a new virtual prepaid debit via text or email and/or adding a multi-channel communication and reward management process to your program through a points-based reward management system.

Points-based loyalty programs are widely available with companies across the country.  In fact, three-quarters of US households have at least one membership, and the average household has up to eighteen programs they are participating in, and the great part is consumers are well versed in the benefits of this type of loyalty incentive program.   

A couple of important reasons you may want to look at a points-based rewards management system is its ability to meet the needs of a diverse demographic audience.  Another is access to rewards and incentives such as prepaid debit cards, gift cards, travel, top brand merchandise and digital rewards.  All of which should be dropped shipped or delivered online.  Additionally, look for a loyalty reward system that can embed sweepstake promotions into your incentive offering, thus, lowering your marketing costs while providing added excitement and heightened engagement.  Of course, no system is complete without a secure environment reducing user fraud and an interface for your administrative staff.

In the past, the cost has been a barrier to acquiring or switching to a more efficient rewards management system.  All Digital Rewards’ points-based reward management system is one of the more affordable brand management software solutions available on the market today.  Built on a foundation of advanced microservices and not a static legacy technology platform, ADR offers an alternative to working (or continuing to work) with a legacy loyalty platform provider who is strapped supporting an expensive system and having to pass the costs onto their clients.

So you see, a points-based program is an integral and key component of a successful loyalty program.  All Digital Rewards (ADR) is a leading technology company specializing in customer loyalty and promotions, program development, design, and implementation.  ADR has an extensive offering of incentives and rewards, including Visa® Prepaid Card products, gift cards, merchandise, and digital rewards. Our reward program management software solutions, SaaS with STACK®,  utilize various microservices that provide single-point integration, PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems, and reporting & analytics. ADR is tied to your success, so we are not successful unless you are. You have a partner from beginning to end when working with All Digital Rewards.