Increase Engagement and Reduce Incentive Costs by Leveraging Instant Win Games in Your Points Based Incentive Program


Instant win games are a popular way to add excitement and engagement to a points-based incentive scheme. By incorporating instant win games into a points-based program, organizations can reduce points liability, decrease overall incentive program costs, and more effectively engage participants. This case study will explore how one organization implemented instant win games in their points-based incentive scheme and the results they achieved.

Points-based incentive schemes are a popular method for organizations to motivate and reward their employees and partners. Under this type of program, participants earn points for completing specific actions or achieving certain goals. These points can then be exchanged for rewards. However, points-based incentive schemes can become costly for organizations with a high number of participants and if not properly designed and managed can lead to demotivation, lack of engagement and lack of participation.

Instant win games provide a way to add excitement and engagement to a points-based program by giving participants a chance to win instant rewards. This not only increases engagement but also allows organizations to reduce the number of points required for rewards, which in turn reduces points liability and can decrease overall incentive program costs. Additionally, instant win games can also be easily integrated with existing systems and processes, making it easier for the organization to implement and manage the program.

This case study will explore how one organization implemented instant win games into their points-based incentive scheme, the results they achieved, and the key takeaways for other organizations looking to implement instant win games in their own points-based incentive schemes.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

A. Definition of Instant Win Games

B. Overview of Points-Based Incentive Schemes

II. Benefits of Instant Win Games

A. Reduction of Points Liability

B. Increased Engagement

C. Improved Brand Recognition

III. Case Study

IV. Conclusion

V. Summary of Benefits

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