Create a Successful Panel Engagement Incentive Program

BY Lucy Fang
Mar 16, 2017
incentives, rewards, research panel, program management, solution, SaaS

Are you in need of a few new tools that support your market research marketing initiatives? All Digital Rewards’ (ADR) fully customized web-based solution, ResearchSTACK™ does all that and more. ResearchSTACK is a turn-key panel engagement reward management platform utilizing ADR’s various microservices. This platform supports multiple panels and client project’s incentive payments (checks, PayPal, and prepaid card issuance), while simultaneously utilizing: rewards and merchandise redemption, sweepstake prize fulfillment with single point integration, PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems assisted by advanced reporting, and analytics for small to large panel incentive programs.

At the core of the platform are four modules that provide key event processing for your clients. The RewardSTACK™ module manages incentive event processing, and the GameSTACK™ module controls instant win event processing. Reward REACH™ manages the participant and partner communication processing, and if needed the Reward WIZARD™ API connects to your company-owned asset applications directly for a single point integration (single sign-on SSO) to deliver personalized and customized rewards instantly and in real-time.

Common problems panel managers deal with are stale promotional offerings, a tight budget, and/or a disconnected user experience. When we hear this from marketers, the first thing we look at is what the user experience is once the survey is completed. Here are just a few of the questions we seek answers to when designing a highly responsive incentive program.

  • Is the experience seamless?
  • Do the offered rewards engage the participants?
  • Has engagement remained steady?
  • Is the researcher using technology to issue incentive payments?
  • Is the process real-time or a lag in time to receive payments?
  • Is the process/technology supporting the payments relevant to how the survey is conducted?
  • What is the panel or project’s cash incentive spend? Can it be improved upon?
  • Are rewards offered varied enough to accommodate diverse panelists?
  • Is the researcher making decisions based off of analytics or because “this is how we’ve always done it?”

Once an incentive program strategy is in place and the ResearchSTACK™ platform implemented, we will connect to your existing system asset to our Reward WIZARD™ API. Instantly your panelists are linked to ADR’s extensive incentive reward products offerings through our RewardStack™ module that deploys over 100,000 unique rewards globally in a multi-lingual format and presented to panelists based on demographics, or project they belong to ensure engagement. This tight connection engages respondents in real-time with a simple, easy to deploy incentive redemption solutions that include sweepstakes and instant win drawings games.

The GameStack™ module can run multiple games for different panels and demographics simultaneously, each with its incentive scheme and cost per entry. You determine the drawing reward budget and the number of entries available, thus retaining control over costs. This gaming application allows you to determine the marketing reward mix and how they are implemented in the game within their program. For instance, incentive drawings need to be carefully created, deployed and managed to avoid legal, operational and financial pitfalls. The reward mix must be attractive enough to impact behavior, but fiscally sound to create a high return on investment.

A top favorite platform capability is the industry-leading reporting and analytics. Our analytics plug-in is one of the most advanced and meaningful programs for online tracking and end user knowledge. This great tool helps you know so much more about what your end user is doing online. Analytics allows for seriously progressive management of your programs to drive that end user to your surveys and away from other surveys. Specifically, this is a tool you want to be the benefactor of rather than your competitor.

All Digital Rewards reward management modules, SaaS with STACK, supports panel recruitment, retention, referral, and loyalty engagement marketing initiatives thus enabling your organization to easily reward participants for participating in your surveys. You can choose ResearchSTACK, our turnkey reward management solution that includes a full scaled points-based loyalty program where all the STACK modules are rolled up into one dynamic platform, or you can deploy GameSTACK or RewardSTACK applications independent of the platform for the perfect solution to support smaller scale game promotions and incentive reward payment deployment.