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Category: Research Panel

Three Keys To Increase Market Research Panel Engagement

Engagement is key to market research panel success. With quality engagement, you can easily obtain the essential, actionable insights and data needed for your market research program. To increase market research engagement, you need three things: The right rewards, the right technology, and the right support. Choosing the right rewards is absolutely vital to your […]

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A Rewarding Experience – The Building Blocks of a Successful Panel Loyalty Program

Panel loyalty programs increase research firm’s panelist retention, survey frequency, and panelist acquisition programs, making them foundational in increasing your research firm’s profitability and revenue. An effective panel incentive program can build brand advocacy and increase the lifetime value of the panelists. The four basic building blocks when creating an effective panel loyalty program strategy […]

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Create a Successful Panel Engagement Incentive Program

Are you in need of a few new tools that support your market research marketing initiatives? All Digital Rewards’ (ADR) fully customized web-based solution, ResearchSTACK™ does all that and more. ResearchSTACK is a turn-key panel engagement reward management platform utilizing ADR’s various microservices. This platform supports multiple panels and client project’s incentive payments (checks, PayPal, and […]

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Research Professionals Promote Happy Panels with Great Incentives

Are you a successful market research professional and need help with unhappy customers in panel recruitment incentive programs?  Are you looking to engage your panelists with something new in your next recruitment campaign? Are your panelists tired of being issued a check after participating in a survey, and are you seeing a decline in interaction? […]

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