Choosing The Right Reward Management Technology

BY Lucy Fang
Feb 22, 2019
Whether it’s channel sales, health & wellness, loyalty, or a customer incentive program, the technology behind it has to fit the program’s needs. Shopping for the right reward management technology is an essential part of planning for any incentive program. Although there may be things you will need to customize, there are some standard features that should be included with your incentive management system.

Standard Reward Management Software Features

Member Profiles –  Set up an infinite number of member accounts with vital personal data. Manage the virtual currency accounts of members in real-time and audit-proof.

Admin CRM – You should have access to a comprehensive member dashboard that allows you to view and manage your member profile data and see specific data such as points balance statement, status level, points expiry dates, program creation, and more.

Reports and Accounting –   Regularly receive program reports to review the success of your program.

System Users & Groups with Audit Tracking –  You should be able to provide module access to users/user groups and define permission levels. Having control and audit-proof user activity records will help you identify any changes made to your program.

Event-triggered Communications and Notifications –  Good reward management software will let you set up event triggered notifications or communications for the members of your incentive program. You should be able to Configure, manage, send and track emails through an internal email / SMS system, including welcome e-mail, points expiry, membership upgrade, redemption transaction, birthday mail, etc.

Event-triggered Promotions  – Event-triggered promotions, such as social media, surveys, wellness, sales, etc. could include, for example, participants earning 1000 points for getting a mammogram as part of a health and wellness program, receiving physical prepaid cards for taking part in a survey, earning 7000 points for selling parts and services, or entering a sweepstakes through a social media activity.

Integration APIs –  Your incentive management system should provide a set of APIs for quick integration to a variety of systems, such as enrollment status, point – status check, transactions, and many more.

Program & Promotion Rules –  Set up your programs and promotions to reflect your company/program structure in an in-depth number of hierarchies. You should be able to easily create and manage compelling, targeted promotions and reward your participants for desired behavior.

Points-based Redemption Management  – A points-based incentive management system should allow your participants to redeem their points in real-time.

Payments – Reward management software should enable secure, reliable and efficient financial transactions.

Targeted Promotions with Participant Segments –  Make sure that, if your promotion requires it, you can reward only selected member segments based on desired member profiles or through meta tags.
Rewards Marketplace – The right points-based incentive management solution will allow you to create and manage various points-based marketplaces that include merchandise, gift cards, digital codes, physical prepaid cards, virtual prepaid cards, travel, experiential rewards, and/or your own branded products and services for incentive redemptions.
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