Use Rebates To Build Brand Advocacy

BY Lucy Fang
Mar 08, 2019

Are you considering a Rebates program? Rebates programs are a fantastic loyalty building tool when done right. Rebate programs show your customers that you want to engage in a customer relationship and want to give back to them. If you offer rebates, it will encourage your customers to become brand advocates, encouraging others to choose your brand over your competitors.Consumers are always looking for deals. A rebate offer will give the necessary push to convince a customer to choose your product over your competitors. Half of all major manufacturers and retailers use rebates as part of their normal product promotions and more the 70% of Americans take advantage of a rebate offer at least once every year. But how do you create an effective rebate program?

There are several major elements that go into making a rebate program work effectively. You will need to understand the rebate laws and how they apply to what you want to promote. To avoid the challenges of keeping track of your offers, a centralized database of all information regarding the rebate offer will be important to your program. You will need clear, understandable, and easy to access redemption rules. Your process should be streamlined to ensure a positive customer experience. Additionally, you should be leveraging social media in your rebate programs.

You cannot afford to have cumbersome redemption process in hopes of making a quick buck off your customers. If you try following that strategy, your customers will leverage their social media skills to drive other customers away with bad reviews. Customers hate to feel cheated and they hate going through complicated redemption processes. If you want to maintain a good reputation as a brand, it is imperative that your customers have a positive experience when going through your rebate program.

All Digital Rewards has the tools you need to ensure a positive experience for your rebate program participants. We’ll help ensure your customers receive their rebates instantly.

We can help you navigate the benefits of digital delivery versus mail-in rebates. With digital delivery, your customers can access their rebate from their cell phone or computer, which allows them to enjoy instant gratification when they redeem their rebate. If the redemption process is quick and easy, your customers will become your advocates.

At All Digital Rewards, we are a leading single-source rebate fulfillment provider that includes promotion management, pricing strategy, rules-based validation, rebate processing, reward fulfillment, and CRM to manage the complete process. We will ensure that your customers have a positive rebate experience from beginning to end. We can help you navigate rebate laws and ensure that your program’s rules are clear and customer-friendly. We’ll provide a central repository to simplify your rebate program management and ensure a simple, streamlined redemption process.

If you would like more information on All Digital Rewards’ rebate and fulfillment support services, and our proprietary STACK™ program management SaaS applications, call our rebate program experts now at 866-415-7703, or click on the button below to schedule a demo.

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