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Choosing The Right Reward Management Technology

Whether it’s channel sales, health & wellness, loyalty, or a customer incentive program, the technology behind it has to fit the program’s needs. Shopping for the right reward management technology is an essential part of planning for any incentive program. Although there may be things you will need to customize, there are some standard features that should be included with your incentive management system. Standard Reward Management Software Features Member Profiles –  Set up an infinite number of member accounts with vital personal data. Manage the virtual currency accounts of members in real-time and audit-proof. Admin CRM – You should have access to a comprehensive member dashboard that allows you to view and manage your member profile data and see specific data such as points balance statement, status level, points expiry dates, program creation, and more. Reports and Accounting –   Regularly receive program reports to review the success of your program. System Users & Groups with Audit Tracking –  You should be able to provide module access to users/user groups and define permission levels. Having control and audit-proof user activity records will help you identify any changes made to your program. Event-triggered Communications and Notifications –  Good reward management software will let you set up […]

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Acquiring and Keeping Customers Through Incentive Programs

Acquiring & Keeping Customers Through Incentive Programs Every day businesses are trying to find effective ways to acquire and keep customers. Both customer acquisition and loyalty are top priorities for companies everywhere. A customers incentive program can help you meet both goals. Customer incentive programs create loyal brand advocates among your current clients and entice new customers to turn to you. Customer incentive programs can include things like sweepstakes, points-based incentives, instant win games, or point of sale rewards. Each program should be tailored and branded for your company for maximum effectiveness. The type of customer incentive program you choose will depend on your organization’s needs and goals. Each type of program engages customers in different ways to encourage customer loyalty and acquisition. Sweepstakes Sweepstakes programs are a great way to entice customers and generate excitement. Sweepstakes are especially good at bringing in new customers and encouraging engagement. A well-executed sweepstakes program can be an excellent choice for companies. Points-Based Loyalty Programs Points-based customer incentive programs allow your customers to earn points for engaging in behavior your company finds desirable. Using points-based technology, the points can then be spent by the customers on things like travel, e-gift cards, VISA® prepaid […]

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Cash Vs Blended Incentive Model: What Performs Better?

The following is a case study regarding a leading global market research company’s incentive reward program.  They own and operate multiple research panels that deploy different incentives and delivery mechanisms to recruit, engage and retain panelists for research projects and programs.  They actively engage millions of members with various client projects and programs.   They have been a client of All Digital Rewards since 2012. All Digital Rewards approached the client to move off a pure cash-incentive-spend to a blended-reward-incentive mix of cash, prepaid debit cards, merchandise, and to apply advanced technologies to achieve a reduction in the overall program cash loyalty spend on incentives while at the same time improving customer experience, efficiencies in reward delivery, analytics and reporting.  The client agreed to move one reward program to a blended reward mix. All Digital Rewards recommended an incentive program change due to All Digital Rewards operating other loyalty programs for clients with a blended methodology and saving over of 18% or more on their cash incentive spend and felt that if this client applied the same methodologies to their other programs they would realize substantial savings. A cash-based reward program is where the end-user, upon completing a qualifying market research […]

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