White Paper: What Are Best Practices for Creating a Consumer and Customer Rewards Program?

Consumer and customer rewards programs are a widely popular method of engaging with an organization’s customers, increasing brand loyalty, sales, and more. Over the years, our team at All Digital Rewards has seen changes in participant reward delivery preferences. Evolving participant preferences has sparked a much-needed innovation in promotional and loyalty technology, the security systems that protect it, and the type of rewards and incentives issued through it. Experience has shown All Digital Rewards that some best practices need to evolve to meet ever-changing market demands for reward and incentive promotions and programs. Here are our top 10 best practices.

Table of Contents:

Best Practices for Creating a Consumer and Customer Rewards Program

1: Have Clear Objectives

2: Target the right people

3: Be realistic with your reward budget

4: Incorporate your company’s branding and culture into your program

5: All members of your organization have a stake in the program

6: Communication is key

7: Identify the rules and processes of your program clearly and concisely

8: Offer Quality rewards 

9: Get The Data To Track Your Progress

10: Get Quality Feedback

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