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Payment Processing Solution

All Digital Rewards will help you find the right payment solution to meet your corporate objectives and match it to your participant payment and delivery preferences. 

Turnkey and Customizable

Our global platform is full service out of the box, customizable, and ready to issue and manage most all payment methods and reward issuance types. We offer prepaid cards, global cash payments, checks, and digital gift cards.

Order, Issue, Track and Manage

The solution provides the complete payment cycle, from ordering products, issuance, log-on, registration to payment, management, and reporting. After pre and post-launch, our dedicated account management team can assist you with any support requirements.

Enterprise-Level Security

We start with the people we hire and the suppliers we use. Add that to our strenuous data controls and adherence to industry regulations and compliance; we deliver the best in industry security and fraud prevention.

Reporting and Analytics

Easily track your program funding balances, reward issuance, redemptions, and more with our proprietary RewardSTACK look-up and reporting tooling.

Platform Technology

End to End Services

Dynamic Architecture

The dynamic architecture behind the All Digital Rewards platform is based on the fundamental rule that all items, at some point, will need to change, be replaced, updated, or be improved. This means when something better comes along we need to be able to implement it without disruption. On top of that, we also know that each opportunity is actually many opportunities in one place. So we developed the architecture to be able to manage and run many programs simultaneously while getting and giving the benefits of a small program without giving up the benefits of a large program.


As the world of communication expands and develops, you need to ensure that you are communicating in the method that the end-user wants to communicate. This allows for the development of a personalized engagement. We understand some of these forms of communication have limitations, but if that is how the end-user wants to garner that initial communication, there has to be a way to permit this. And with communication forms developing faster and broader day by day, you need a partner that can help you engage consistently while ensuring the process is unified to your processes and personalized to the end-user. This is truly the case of an ounce of sweat today saves a pound of reactive effort tomorrow.

Thoughtful Guidance

Our ability to connect as an app or connect you to other apps provide us with a unique ability to have access to solid real-world knowledge. We also have a combined 60 years of driving consumer behavior and consumer experience where most companies only have had a couple of years or so of those buzzwords. By seeking first to understand your goals, we can better guide your solutions to a place where your goals are met and next steps are possible without having to change direction or come up with new concepts. Every point should have access to the forward movement. Going in reverse is not acceptable.
Simple understandings of what is working for you now rather than focusing on what is broken, ensures you are not recreating the wheel. Understanding the finances also involved allows us to help lay out large-scale solutions that you can grow into when you are ready.
We are not successful unless you are. We are tied to your success all the way. No more handing you the product and walking away. You have a partner when working with All Digital Rewards.

– Proprietary Platform and Modules
– Dynamic Architecture
– Real-time Analytics
– Data Security

Global Reach

All Digital Rewards started as a US-based company and while not marketing internationally, quickly found the demand for international options a necessity. Our earlier versions of our platform were English-based and translations are done on an at-need basis. Today, our versions are built on an agile platform that allows for an international company to thrive effectively. Rather than have multiple versions of a page or item listed with access to multiple languages, we have effectively set up the platform in such a way that under one platform, the individual end-user has control of the language settings without the clumsy and sometimes terrible translation tools utilized. In this way, a multinational company can manage a single platform through several languages with unified reporting and live multilingual interactivity.

Product Reach and Availability
Once the language barrier was crossed on a broad scale, we found more and more doors opened up to us. In this, we are able to offer both digital and physical rewards to over 150+ countries worldwide. And with thousands of unique products in our reward offerings, not counting your internal rewards delivered by the All Digital Rewards Platform, there are fewer and fewer reasons to not reach your customers and clients in a way that is personal and immediately worldwide.

What limitations?
We’ve been where there are limitations on what can be offered somewhere. We have also found that there are no limits when you can engage in a 1:1 personal level with someone on the other side of the planet in a different culture, using a different language. The language of excitement, care, and communion is more clearly spoken with actions over words. With All Digital Rewards, let the limits be what you make them, not what is forced on you.

Around-the-clock Support

We are there when you are working on your project at 3 a.m. in the morning. You don’t have to hesitate in contacting us to work with you. Our platform has a built-in help desk for all users. If you need help, it’s up and running with you. If you need engagement now, you have team member phone numbers right at your disposal. We are most likely working when you are. Our work ethic is simple: If we are not working to be the best, someone else already has. It’s time to have a partnership with someone that is there when you are.

It’s About You

Consider the simple knowledge that we do not grow unless you do. Our success is specifically tied to your success FIRST.
What’s in it for us? Your success!
Why do we work 24/7? To ensure you are successful.
Why would we do that? Our business is driving consumer/ end-user behavior. It’s what we know. It’s what we love. You are allowing us to do what we love and in the process, allowing us to be a part of your world and business.