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Easily manage participants, programs, reward event processing, and fulfillment for your clients, customers, and employees with ADR’s health and wellness solutions. Our fully customized web-based solution, RewardSTACK™, is designed to support the marketing initiatives of an organization’s health and wellness incentive programs. The intuitive reward management platform services utilize ADR’s various microservices to provide a single-point integration in support of complex health and wellness event processing with PCI level security, scalable proofing systems, reward issuance and fulfillment, and real-time reporting and analytics.

Reward Processing

The platform services provide numerous ways to get rewards from its extensive digital catalog in the hands and wallets of participants.

  • Points Accrual
  • Link Redemptions
  • Instant Wins & Sweepstakes
  • Auto Redemptions
  • SKU Trigger
  • Bulk and Batch
  • Employee Administered

SaaS Enterprise Level Support

The Platform can scale to the unique business requirements of an enterprise-level digital health provider’s need for a hierarchical, deeply nested B2B2B2C+ program structure that delivers much-needed reporting and analytics at a client customer participant level.

Data Privacy & Security

Our industry-leading data privacy and security infrastructure mean that our partners undergo strict privacy, security, and business operational excellence audits annually.