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Improve the success rate of your health rewards program with the help of ADR. We make it simple to manage participants, programs, and reward event processing, while also handling fulfillment for your clients, customers, and employees. Take your healthy incentive program to the next level with our proprietary technology, which is designed from the ground up to support health and wellness marketing initiatives. Our reward management software RewardSTACK™ is a cutting-edge API-driven technology that allows you to manage multiple campaigns at once and overcome any obstacles. Our fully customized solution can even allow you to run an EHR incentive program with ease thanks to its accessible dashboard and robust security features.

How it Works



All-in-One Solution 

The platform is designed to centralize all the microservices ADR offers in an interface dashboard capable of handling even the most complex wellness rewards program. Our technology offers HITRUST, HIPPA, and PCI-compliant, scalable proofing systems, reward issuance and fulfillment, and real-time reporting and analytics. Find all the tools you need to run a successful incentive program and have access to a team of experts who will be happy to assist you during any phase of the process.

Advanced Security Features

We understand how challenging it can be to run an effective EHR incentive program at scale. There are so many variables that can impact the outcome that it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Many organizations use multiple companies to handle different aspects of the campaign, but that can often get messy and confusing. At ADR, we offer one simple solution capable of managing every aspect of the campaign.

Our program is capable of rising to any challenge and can scale to meet the unique business needs of enterprise-level healthcare organizations. Enjoy HITRUST, HIPPA, and PCI-compliant technology and other security features that will protect you and your clients’ employees’ sensitive data. Run your healthy incentive program with confidence when you choose ADR. Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you run your campaign more efficiently.

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Platform Technology

System Features

– Single Point Integration
– Hierarchical Architecture
Enterprise SaaS
– Dynamic Modular Design
– OpenAPI
– Multi-Lingual
– Multiple Redemption Schemes
– Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games
Points Calculation Engine
Rebate Processing
– Loyalty and Channel Management
– Tier Capabilities
– Validations & QA
– Rules Management
– Communications & Notifications
– Google Analytics
– 3rd Party Capabilities
Security and Scalability
– Reporting Dashboard

Platform Benefits

– Increased Operational Efficiencies
– Grow Brand and Partner Loyalty
– Increase Engagement
– Improved Visibility
– Realtime Updates
– Intelligent Analytics
– Improved ROI
– Improve Business Agility
– Empower Teams with Data
– Achieve Commercial Excellence.
– Flexible and Configurable
– Acquire, Retain, and Grow Customers
– And so Much MORE!