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Increase brand loyalty and revenue with end-to-end fulfillment services.
That’s why we make customer care and fulfillment our top priority – and
attention ensuring an excellent participant experience.

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All Digital Rewards (ADR) focuses on acquiring new customers, retaining your existing customers and building brand loyalty. Our priority is to build your brand. Customers get to know your company and how you operate with every interaction, so speedy fulfillment solutions are essential to the real customer experience. ADR offers a full range of services to ensure your consumer and sales incentive programs are a success.

Consulting Services

All Digital Rewards has been implementing incentive and loyalty program solutions for many years, and has a proven approach that identifies the right reward mix, accelerates delivery, ensures a quality solution, and reduces risk. Our professional team of incentive experts helps customers design and implement the integrated incentive and loyalty program that you want and need. We leverage extensive reward offerings of thousands of unique rewards and technology best practices around All Digital Rewards’ dynamic platform architecture with a broad range of loyalty software products that provide reusable components. Our customer implementation teams use their subject matter expertise to ensure each and every incentive project launches with our customer’s objectives at the forefront.

Support Services

All Digital Rewards is dedicated to ensuring customer success by providing timely responses and resolutions to problems with every one of ADR’s products.

We work with you to develop programs that are determined by you. The customer already knows their favorite rewards; when they want their incentives, and how they want rewards delivered. Your customers can sign in digitally, enter the data for their promotions, we validate the data, check against future claims for fraud, capture the transaction to history, and processes the promotion as defined by you. No job is ever too big. We have multiple reward fulfillment processes and full-service call center support.

Our highly-skilled support engineers are well-versed not only in All Digital Rewards architecture and all of ADR’s software products but also in a broad range of third-party applications and platforms. We ensure that our highly skilled support is available whenever it’s needed.

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Support Services

Call Center Solutions

All Digital Rewards offers a wide range of call center services designed to help you create, cultivate and maintain your most precious asset—your customer relationships

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Direct Mail

We have everything you need to jump-start your direct mail campaign; creative, design, lists, printing, mail and handling, incentives, tracking, and analytics.

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Incentive & Prize Fulfillment

All Digital Rewards provides an experienced full-service team for procurement and fulfillment of incentive and prize promotions.

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Rebate Fulfillment

We believe that if the redemption process is easy, and the payment is quick that the long-term payoff is
substantially higher than the cost savings of unclaimed rebates.

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Reward Technology Solutions

All Digital Rewards’ SaaS solutions support the diverse set of technologies that integrate consumer and loyalty systems and processes quickly and cost-effectively.

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