Gamification and Your Panel Incentive Programs

BY Lucy Fang
Jun 26, 2021
Gamification & Your Panel Incentive Programs

Incentives are an essential part of market research programs. Sweepstakes and instant win game applications have long been a popular feature in every type of incentive programs and it’s not difficult to understand why they’re so popular. Game-based promotions can be easily integrated into your market research incentive program.

When conducting a sweepstake or other game-based promotions, working with instant win game providers and sweepstakes technology companies that understand your needs for a panel program can save you a lot of hassle. There are so many elements involved in your average sweepstake promotion. Insurance, bonding, rule creation, legal review, winner validation, tax reporting, and prize delivery are just some of the required pieces for your average panel sweepstake promotion. With instant win game software and a reward program management company experienced in instant win and sweepstakes administration, you’ll be setting yourself up for a smooth experience. It doesn’t hurt to have your reward management partner also understand the unique concerns of a market research program!

The panel program incentives rewards that you pick for your game or sweepstake promotion should be varied and popular with your panelists. Each incentive program participant will have their own individual preferences, but there are many reward types that remain nearly universal among incentive program participants. Cash-based rewards, which can include gift cards, checks, and prepaid reward cards, are some of the most popular rewards you can offer. Visa virtual and physical prepaid cards are the most versatile of the cash-based rewards. Checks can take time to mail, and gift cards offer limited purchasing options, but physical and virtual visa prepaid rewards can be used nearly anywhere. A quality prize provider will often also serve as a visa prepaid card provider. With how popular this reward is, it is an essential one to think about for your next market research incentive program.

At All Digital Rewards, our expert team can help you effectively incorporate gamification into your company’s panel incentive program in a way that is well designed and deployed to your participants through one of our dynamic, real-time STACK™ SaaS program management solutions. Our programs can be custom-tailored and branded to meet your company’s goals. Additionally, we have a massive catalog of incentives for your program, to include custom branded prepaid and gift cards. If you would like to learn more about creating a successful game-based incentive promotion for your market research program, contact our instant win game experts by calling 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!