Instant Win Drawings Reduce Points-Based Incentive Program Costs and Improve Engagement


Every incentive program manager is faced with recruiting, engaging and retaining participants. They are constantly looking for new promotions to deploy to drive behavior to ensure that company and client stakeholders stay happy.  Common problems reward managers are faced with:

  • Stale promotional offerings
  • Not enough products to engage low point value earners
  • Tight budget
  • Disconnected user experience

When we hear this from marketers, the first thing we look at is the marketer employing games in their product marketing mix and if they are how are they implementing the game within their program. Specially we look at how they 

Table of Contents:

– Impact Behavior

Address Legal Issues

Select Reward Mix For Engagement


Encourage Behavioral Outcomes

Operational Efficiencies 

Engage With a Purpose

Selecting the Right Prize Mix

Skilled Professionals


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