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Tag: Instant Win Games

Your Reward Program and Gamification

Instant win games and Sweepstakes are a popular feature in many rewards programs. They have many benefits for both reward program sponsors and participants. Game-based promotions can be easily integrated into customer acquisition programs, channel sales reward programs, loyalty program platforms, market research panelist programs, rebate management systems, and more.  When running a sweepstake or […]

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Gamification Effects on Engagement

From consumer loyalty programs, to B2B channel partner programs, to company health and wellness programs, everyone is looking for ways to increase engagement. Most people know that having the right reward offerings and robust incentive management technology is important, but there’s another lesser-known element that can help increase your incentive program’s engagement: Gamification. Gamification is […]

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Instant Win Drawings Reduce Points-Based Incentive Program Costs and Improve Engagement

Every incentive program manager is faced with recruiting, engaging and retaining participants. They are constantly looking for new promotions to deploy to drive behavior to ensure that company and client stakeholders stay happy.  Common problems reward managers are faced with: Stale promotional offerings Not enough products to engage low point value earners Tight budget Disconnected […]

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How to Use Incentives to Increase Your Net Promoter Score

A common metric for measuring customer loyalty and predicting business performance is the net promoter score. Many businesses are intimately familiar with this metric and work hard to get a good score. One way to improve your NPS is through the use of incentives. Let’s start with how to measure your NPS. The NPS is […]

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Ask The Experts: Points-Based Loyalty Program Pros and Cons

Loyalty programs are fantastic for increasing engagement, building brand loyalty, and turning your customers into brand advocates. Loyalty programs aid in both acquisition and retention. People want to be engaged and companies that put in the effort a rewarded with loyalty. The question becomes, how do you reward loyalty? One of the most effective ways […]

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Instant Win Drawings Reduce Incentive Costs and Improve Panel Engagement

Every panel manager is faced with recruiting, surveying, engaging and retaining respondents. They are constantly looking for new promotions to deploy to drive respondent behavior to ensure that company and client stakeholders stay happy.  Common problems panel managers are faced with stale promotional offerings, a tight budget, and a disconnected user experience. When we hear […]

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