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White Paper: Wellness Incentive Marketplace: Unlocking Employee Wellness Through Points-Based Reward System

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business scene, using a Wellness Incentive Marketplace is critical not only for maintaining a healthy, happy, and productive workforce but also for a company’s long-term success. Vital business metrics, including productivity, employee engagement, and overall company-wide performance, directly connect to employee wellness. As such, putting money into employee […]

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Increase Engagement and Reduce Incentive Costs by Leveraging Instant Win Games in Your Points Based Incentive Program

Instant win games are a popular way to add excitement and engagement to a points-based incentive scheme. By incorporating instant win games into a points-based program, organizations can reduce points liability, decrease overall incentive program costs, and more effectively engage participants. This case study will explore how one organization implemented instant win games in their […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Points-Based Incentive Programs

Whether for health and wellness, loyalty, channel partners, market research or something else, there are many different ways to set up incentive programs. One of the more useful tools for incentive programs is issuing points as “virtual currency”, which allows participants to keep track of their earned benefits. Typically, users receive points for reaching preset […]

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Acquiring and Keeping Customers Through Incentive Programs

Acquiring & Keeping Customers Through Incentive Programs Every day businesses are trying to find effective ways to acquire and keep customers. Both customer acquisition and loyalty are top priorities for companies everywhere. A customers incentive program can help you meet both goals. Customer incentive programs create loyal brand advocates among your current clients and entice […]

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Resources For Successful Loyalty Marketing Programs

Resources for Success Loyalty Marketing Programs focus on buyer retention and reward customers for their loyalty. Effective customer incentive programs combined with the right reward management system and the help of loyalty service providers can generate strong financial returns. There are several resources that can increase the effectiveness of Loyalty Marketing Programs. Prepaid Cards Prepaid […]

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Benefits of VISA Prepaid Cards Rewards

Rewards and incentives programs have proven to be invaluable to companies and organizations around the globe. In the case of customer incentives programs, they can increase consumer visits, spending, and advocacy. With employees, reward incentive programs can encourage employee engagement, increase productivity and improve morale. These are just a few of the many types of […]

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