How To Drive Your Channel Sales More Efficiently

BY Lucy Fang
Dec 29, 2016
Incentives, rewards, program, channel sales, reward management solution, incentive program

No matter how popular or trendy your product is, if you can’t create an incentive reward program in a cost-effective manner, then you just won’t make a good return on your investment. When your manufacturing facility is not producing the profit margins that you desire, you’ll need to look around for some ideas that make sense and make your channel sales and accountants happy.

At All Digital Rewards (ADR), a large automobile manufacturer came to us with this problem in hand. They wanted to eliminate cash/check reward incentives payouts to dealerships and to create a program that would provide better education and communication between the managers and sales’ teams dealing with high turnover in staff. ADR helped them do just that and more.

By leveraging ADR’s ChannelSTACK™ sales reward management system with our Reward WIZARD™ API, the manufacturer now had a single point of integration into their existing system asset allowing for a single sign for dealers, and staff participants. The new reward management system now accommodates multiple promotions running simultaneously, of which could be offered as points to spend in a marketplace, on games and top brand merchandise or a selection of select rewards or just issue a single reward. The automobile manufacturer now has access to an extensive selection of incentive reward offerings, not just checks by utilizing our web-based real-time loyalty partner solution. This new solution can stop, pause, and restart promotions on the fly and issue cool reporting and analytics; it could easily be determined if the manufacturer needed to deploy a reduction inventory promotion in a particular region.

With the start of the second training phase for dealers and staff participants, the program was able to move beyond the sales team and assist with the communication between several other departments, including service, parts, and financial & insurance (F&I). By assimilating all the team members associated with the sale of a vehicle and parts for that vehicle into the loyalty program, each person became brand advocates thus increasing the knowledge base for all concerned.

Of course, the best-designed loyalty program won’t work unless the incentive is a product that your end users want and desire. It was here that ADR replaced the cumbersome check issuing process, pulled in the Visa© Rewards card and supported the process with our advanced reward management solution. While we did not eliminate the check offering, we simply added a prepaid reward card the offering where the participants now had the option of selecting a check, virtual or physical Visa© Prepaid card. By adding the Visa Prepaid card products into the reward mix, we were able to replace more than 100,000 checks annually, save more than 4,700 hours of check processing and lower incentive program costs by more than 30%. The manufacturer was quite satisfied with lower marketing costs, high-profit margins, and better-trained employees. The employees were delighted with their Visa Rewards card which could be used to purchase whatever they wished at millions of locations where Visa debit cards are accepted.

All Digital Rewards specializes in program management software solutions utilizing various Microservices that provide single point integration, PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems, reporting, and analytics. For more information about our Visa® Prepaid card programs and how the supporting STACK™ SaaS reward management platform can benefit your incentive program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.